Quick Recap: Scandal 4×02


– “The State of the Union”  was one strange episode. Somehow it didn’t felt right, the dynamic was somewhat strange but eventful with some character interactions and development that made this episode worth watching.

– President Grant wanted to pass a new gun law so all eyes were on them last night. Of course Mellie in her piyamas at her sons grave made things so hard for the 1st family and Grant especially. Mellie didn’t want to attend her husbands speech cause she doesn’t do those things anymore.

-But than Abby did her job. She talked some sense into Mellie and set her straight. People all over America and the world lose their children but don’t have time to grief 3 months like she does. Mellie put herself together and was gracious for and hour or two and right after Fitz deep speech she fall apart. Good that Fitz was there to pick up the pieces.

– Yeah Fitzgerald speech delivered on so many levels. He compared how gun fight wounds can be prevented but his sons illness couldn’t be. The bad thing the speech happened after a pep talk from Liv. Not a fan of their clingy relationship.

-Liv had 2 issues this week. The first one was job related, after Cyrus blackmailed her into babysit a family important to the motion Fitz was about to make. What was Cyrus leverage, the information of Liv’s interest in the President post season3 final.  The family were a gunshot injured woman and her army veteran husband. They were the Trophy pair that would help Fitz pass his motion.

-Liv assigned her 2 last standing gladiators, Quinn and Huck to babysit. But their personal issues interfered and they didn’t do their job right as the couple from hell went at each other the whole time. Liv promised them a great divorce if they only put through that couple of days, till Fitz motion goes through.

-Liv’s other issue was Jake.  He didn’t want to be her toy anymore. He just wanted for Liv to step up for him, and she eventually did, naked with only boats and a coat on herself.

-We finally got to know Portia de Rossi’s character name, it’s Elizabeth. Elizabeth is playing a game on her own, she set up David so he wouldn’t be able to become the district attorney and set Cyrus up with a male prostitute, played by show whore Matthew del Negro. He skipped through more show these days than any other character.  David fought back and got promoted while Cyrus gave into his loneliness and slept with Michael.

-P.S. Jake is investigating Harrison’s murder and connected Charlie to it.


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