Quick Recap: Grey’s Anatomy 11×02



–  Grey’s latest episode, Puzzle with a piece missing, was all about their newest addition Maggie Pierce.  We saw Maggie interact with all the people at GSMH and it was a hell of a ride. Maggie was slept all over the place but proved she can give out as much as she can take.

–  Wilson was assigned to Maggie’s service and their had some great moments as Maggie couldn’t remember her last name. Things got pretty messy between those 2 as Wilson revealed to Maggie that Alex will probably get the board seed and she used that as small talk in front of Alex private practice boss, and got Alex fired.

– As she and Bailey shared a patient with hearth failure, Maggie wanted to do a genom panel on the patient and Miranda agreed even though her lab was closed. After Bailey got caught, Maggie called the board a bunch of fools in front of Owen and Jackson. But scored some major points with Bailey.

-The other friend Maggie made in this episode was Amelia Shepard.  They treated a woman who got a stroke during having sex with a really good looking guy. A bit of bonding happened and it was quite enjoyable to see these 2 interact. Besides that Amelia sweet talked Mer to Maggie. Nice move writers.

-Along the way she witnessed some quite emotional scenes between Calzona who was still arguing about Arizona’s Fetal surgeon fellowship and their wish to get a baby via surrogacy. Eventually Cally gave in and let Arizona take the fellowship but that will probably majorly screw up their marriage and baby wish.

-Now let’s talk the big sister thing in the air. Mer got pulled on a case Maggie was handling. Maggie’s patient was really old and suffering but her daughter wouldn’t let her die peacefully she couldn’t let go. Eventually the patient’s heart stopped again and Mer witnessed how Maggie let the patient go. A big blow out followed in front of Owen and things seemed to calm down as Maggie opened her heart in front of Mer and telling her that she did the best thing for her patient.

-Afterwards Maggie finally told Meredith the truth about being Elis daughter and her reaction couldn’t be more awful. It ended with Mer telling Maggie to stay away from her.


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