How To Get Away With Murder Review: 16 stabs to her


As many times stated here, the follow up episode from the Pilot is probably the most important one! Cause people mostly decide here, if they stick with the show or not. And “It’s all her fault”  was all a new show want to be, dramatic, funny and still teaching us How to get away with Murder.

Present Time: Annalise assigned her 5 new students/co workers to a new case. A brutal stabbing case, 16 stabs to a women and who is our client? The Husband of course. It was a sweet parallel to last weeks reveal that Annalise’s husband is probably involved in the student murder case, the girl in the tank.  As we meet the man a creepy scene occurred where Max, the client,showed how his wife got stabbed over Connors body. It was brutal and I fairly enjoyed it. It made me doubt the client and you always want that foubt to excist.

The case seemed to go smoothly for our crew. After Gibbs found discrepancy in the crime scene reports and Connor “found” some enlightening emails in the victims mail box to counter the prosecution, things seemed to go to easy. Too easy of course. Than the character witness came to stand and everything fall apart. Stewart’s daughter, Eloise was holding up strong, but than the prosecution brought up Max’s first wife and her death case.  The first wife, Eloise’s mother was stabbed as well. This made the case fall apart and put Eloise on the top of my suspect list. Not to be bragging.

After Laurel stepped up and took up an assignment for Annalise, she had a head to head with Bonnie. And Lisa Weil nailed it. I adore her playing the cold heart bitch and it completely works for her. She advised Laurel in which way she needs to proceed and it worked for her. She gave Annalise the clue she needed to turn the case in her favor. Cause Stewart was a hunter and he wouldn’t need 16 stabs to kill his 2nd wife. Freed !!!!

Annalise was further investigating her husband and involvement with Lila’s , water tank girl’s murder. She checked his emails twice and surprisingly the 2nd time all her mails were erased.  But even though she later slept with Sam, before that she went to Nate and shared her suspicions. She broke in front of him making him promise he will look into it.

Connor meanwhile got closer to his IT boyfriend and even though he stated that he doesn’t do boyfriends, it seems some feeling are getting develop.  And Wes was getting closer to someone, none other than his neighbor Rebbecca.  She had to shower one time in his place, and by the end of the episode she was arrested for the murder of Lila Stanguard.  While she showered at his room she left a cell in the bathroom, I assume it’s either Lila’s or Griffin’s.

In the Flashforwards we got introduced to the titular “Her”. It’s Rebecca!!!! At least it’s seems to be her The 4 body burners argued how she would set up all this mess and betray them afterwards. Besides that it was revealed Wes and Rebecca become a thing in the future and that he is doing all of this to protect.

A great episode finished with some great scenes and made me look forward to next week even more. I certainly hope for more insight on the other characters and some neat back stories.


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