The Vampire Diaries Review: I need a little more



Season 6 of The Vampire Diaries, finally happened last night and it was a slow ep, that introduced us into each character story for the season. Overall it felt underwhelming but that is maybe cause I had too high expectations.

The main focus of last nights episode was Elena but before we dig in all the mess she was making, let’s talk about those last few seconds and the mystery of Bamon. In the closing moments we witness Damon making breakfast and Bonnie prepping the table. Cause they do it every morning!? My guess with none magical Mystic Falls an alternative doppelgänger MF was created and the 2 of them are inhibiting it. Besides that the promo for next weeks ep revealed that they are seemingly trapped around 1994. This mystery if handled right could be the saving stone for our Mystic falls crew.

Back to the main story and Elena. The episode started with a long voice-over where Elena explained what was going on with her friends. And it seemed like Elena was in a good place, till it was revealed she was saying all these things to a drug induced hallucination of Damon. With Luke’s help, Elena was searching refuge from her pain. And Luke as a good guy that he is, fall for the emotional blackmail and brought Elena drugs on a regular basis. After Caroline caught her feeding on Sarah, a NY gal on her to MF, Elena confessed about the drugs and the urge to feed they provoke. This put Elena on a completely new path. She said goodbye to hallucination Damon, just to see him teach her a lesson about how weak she is and she won’t last 2-3 days till she begs Luke for the drug again. This lead to us to Elena begging Alaric to compel Damon out of her . And with Alaric being an Original Vamp he should be able to do it. This is an interesting idea and if Alaric does it Elena will finally be Salvatore free.

Speaking of Alaric he had a tough time to get back to a normal life. He started teaching at Whitmore and interacted around with Tyler and Caroline. At one moment he even flirted with Elena’s mentor, Jo but that went wrong when she asked him for a sip from his stash. The issue it was filled with blood. He than made a call, speaking on Elena’s voicemail that he lost his game.

Enzo didn’t appear last night but I heard he will make a blasting appearance next week, taking our girl Caroline on a road trip. Caroline’s story last night was the most entertaining one. She dropped out of College, she researched the hell out of traveler magic and got a condo near the magical border. Everything was falling apart and she could handle it. At the end show called Stefan, telling him the real truth about what is going on with their crew and how they are falling apart. And she won’t give up till he picks up the phone and comes back to safe their friends. This girl so deserves her own show. I adore you Candice.

Tyler was the seemingly only one who wasn’t that hurt by Bamon’s death. But him being back to his douche as*hole -self wasn’t working either. Yeah the werewolf gene was inactive but Tyler’s anger level was hitting highs. After finding out that Luke was providing Elena with magical herbs he couldn’t stay calm and attacked in front off everyone. Thankfully Alaric stepped in and stopped Tyler from breaking Luke’s neck. Afterwards Tyler shared a nice scene with Live, Luke’s sister. Who told Tyler about the emotional blackmail Elena was doing on Luke and Tyler apologized. I still love Liv and her upfront honest attitude and after last night I’m even on the Lyler/Tiv train.

But Tyler wasn’t the only one working on his anger. Matt joined Trips (special guest star Colin Ferguson) task force and was trying to prepare for the Vampire comeback. And this time he won’t be the scared little boy. Jeremy was douching it out just like back in season 1 when his parents died. I get it he lost so much but being a tool and worrying all the people around you isn’t a smart move either.

Last but not least there was Stefan. Stefan was working as a mechanic and had a new gf, Ivy. He was living a seemingly normal life, he didn’t even compel his boss to give hom the money he deserves. After Bamon’s death he just left town,and while everyone were thinking he was searching for a way to bring back his brother he was living a normal normal life. He even told Elena she should give up and accept the lost.

ICYMI Liam appeared as well,at the hospital with Elena. He is a new addition and will serve as a love interest for the girls.

The motto of the season should be “Can we cheat death again” cause everything seems to revolve around that. I’m a bit disappointed but still happy with some developments. I just hope the writers will step away from the Delena train and focus on the overall story and characters instead.


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