Reign Review: Different kind of Queen


So Reign Season 2 officially started! “Plague” started an interesting journey that set up major stories  that will follow us throughout the season. The season 2 premier picked of right where season 1 left us, with France burning down to the fire of the plague.

After Francis leaves to find his child and Lola, all hell broke loose as Mary and Catherine announced that the plague arrived to their country and all hell broke loose.  Mary tried to keep the situation at the court steady, but with Francis absence and  Catherine just waiting for Mary to make a mistake, Adelaide performed the hell out of her character.

Things got fairly complicated as Edward Narcisse, a rich noble man with huge resources, wanted to kill a man via the Plague. He treated him wrong and Edward wanted retribution. Edward even resources to blackmail Mary and Catherine, but even though Catherine was all for giving in Edward’s plea Mary wasn’t even considering it. Eventually Mary declined his wishes and Edward made a move on his own. He poisoned the water of the Valiant family taking out his revenge. In the process he killed Yvette Castleroy as well.  Afterwards Mary went all Queen on him and punished him by locking him into the cellar with all the plague infected people.

Edward is the son of Narcisse(Craig David, Spartacus), an upcoming major player who will be going after Mary and (sexually) after Catherine. But Papa Narcisse appeared in the premier as well. He revealed to Francis that Lui is Claude instead. No clue what I’m talking about, follow the next paragraph and everything will be clear to you.

Francis quickly encountered Lola and met his son for the very first time. Things went from cosy to terrible in 10 seconds when a member of the cottage family was showing signs of the plague. They started to runaway but while they’re stopping for fresh water a group intercepted them bound to kill them. But “Lui” stopped them as he recognized Francis as the current King of France.  “Lui” secured Francis and Lola overnight but didn’t reveal his plan to leave France with a boat . Eventually Narcisse appeared and revealed it for him. Why this was such a big deal no clue? Why wouldn’t he simply tell Francis the truth.

Either way this lead to a heart to heart between “Lui” aka Claude and Francis, where the later decided to sent his son and Lola away with Claude. To spare Lola and his son the bargain of being a mistress and a bastard.  At the end Francis finally took his son into his arms and from that point he couldn’t let him go. And neither could he let Lola go. Lola and Francis’s scenes were quite goo and well executed. Not a fan of Toby Regbo’s acting but this time he was quite solid.

Kenna meanwhile had a surprisingly great story last night. As things heated up at the court, one of the noble man requested Pascal to help him. Pascal if you don’t remember is the child that was drawn by the darkness. Kenna tried to stop the noble man from using Pascal but he shamed Kenna, leaving Pascal no choice than to follow the noble. He died from the plague and infected Pascal in the process. Kenna was found with Pascal and looked away cause she was possibly infected to. She shared a beautiful scene with Pascal, after he told her that in his fever induced sleep he dreamed of his mother.  Kenna broke into tears, and even my cold eyes teared up.

Quickly after this Bash came to Kenna’s rescue. Bash was handling the situation on court and previous to rescuing Kenna he had a supernaturalISH experience. Meeting a girl who died from Edward Narcisse’s poisoning. The girl informed us that there will be a Reckoning!

Greer had her googly eyes scene with Leith and as much as I liked their interaction in the season 1 final I hated it in this episode. So bland and so forced, completely obnoxious. Let’s see how things will develop now that Yvette Castleroy is dead.

This was a nice season opener and I must say it rose above my expectations and heated my up again for the show. Narcisse and Claude are perfect additions and Adelaide’s performance was over the top. Let’s see what Season 2 has in store for us.





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