Scorpion Review: Custom Made Bio Killer

Single Point of Failure

“Single Point of Failure” was quite the interesting episode. Featuring character development, bio war and some really interesting food orders.  The story got on a real personal level, seeing this I enjoy the show more and more.

But before we get to the actual story what happened tonight, I have a remark on the opening sequence. “Paige? Well, she isn’t like us? She is normal. ” So come on CBS! Being a genius isn’t a predicament to be a lunatic. Talking about Paige, she looked lovely last night. Less make up, more natural just perfect. It was also a nice contrast to the waitress who puts up more make up to get tips etc, she has a different job where she doesn’t has to slut up.

Now back to the main storyline. 4 kids were found sick by a custom-made virus. One of the parents was a Governor so that is how Team Scorpion got involved.  Quickly it was revealed that the Governor and the other parents were involved in a MS drug trail that failed. Later it was revealed that they were targeted by one of the parents whose kid died after the drug trail failed. After some shady but genius moves the team come to the antidote sequence. But Robert wasn’t happy with only the kids paying the bill of his pain, so he intended to kill the Governor as well. But Walter stopped the Governor from getting infected. How?  He made the sprinklers go off in the middle of the mall. Smart guy.

Walter had quite tough time this week. We found out that his sister was suffering from MS and the case of course brought up all of that. Some flashbacks explained how protective Walter’s sister Megan was and what a nice bound their shared. This episode worked perfectly for new Palter/Waige shippers. Their chemistry just like in the Pilot was over the top. Especially during the closing moments when he slipped Paige a note so she could seem smart in front of her genius son, Ralph.

Sylvester was hilarious last night. And how wouldn’t he be. When you suffer from OCD and are scared of human interaction, diseases are a big thing. Matter got even worse for  him when he was the only one who could break into the CDC building. His mind was blowing with all the possible diseases, Anthrax, Plague etc etc. Thankfully Paige helped out, calmed him down and he exited the CDC building without being arrested.

We got also some insight into Toby and his gambling issues,  which occurs when he is stressing out.  Also he wanted to get back together with his ex fiancée but she wouldn’t take him back. Happy had some solid lines as well, as she explained how people will always fail you. How does she knows that? Her father left her when she was 2 and as she has a photographic memory and relieves that day every single day of her life.

It was also revealed that Agent Callo’s daughter died. And her death took a big tool on him. Paige welcoming him into her little family was a nice gesture.

A profoundly interesting and emotional episode concluded with a nice family like scene at Paige’s where the crew grilled. Scorpion is for now my 2nd favorite new show fall of the season. But Stalker and The Flash have yet to premier, so Scorpion don’t back down.


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