Quick Recap: The Big Bang Theory 8×03


– “The First Pitch insufficiency” was a hilarious instalment featuring 2 really good story lines.

– Howard was invited by NASA to throw the first pitch at an Angel’s baseball game. If you know Howard you already know where the issues will be. He has not a single athletic bone in his body.

-He asked Raj and Berny to help him. Of course Bernadette was taking him a part and poor Howard was crushed.

– Eeventually he called one of his Astronaut “friends” who completely discouraged him. This made Howard come up with a back up plan and he arranged a Mars space car to take the ball across. The stadium burned up but was quickly disappointed as the car was very very very slow.

– The funnier storyline was certainly the one revolving around Penny, Sheldon, Amy and Leonard.  Sheldon alerted Penny and Leonard that their relationship on last place in their Cul de Sac, even Penny’s relationship with Chardone was better.

– At a double date things escalated when Sheldon mentioned a test that would score Leonard and Penny’s relationship. Penny wouldn’t take it as she is scared to death by the possibility that their future marriage is bound to fail.

– Leonard eventually let Penny know that he believes in their future and even though there will be a lot of obstacles they will take it.


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