Gotham Review: A Bad Cop or just a Little Sinner


After last weeks semi slow Pilot episode, Gotham was near the right track when it returned with this weeks episode, “Selina Kyle”. The episode featured the slow return of Penguin, kid abduction and mafia business.

And even though I think this was a better episode than the Pilot, it was slightly off dynamic wise and I’m still not into the way they are telling the story. The episode begins with some kids getting abducted by a creepy priest looking guy and devilish female teacher. Selina witnessed this but still didn’t spoke a single word.  The kidnappers along the way killed a war Veteran and threw a kid through restaurant restored window. This kid became the witness that put Bullock and Gordon on the case.

After some feisty banter between Bullock and Gordon about how they should threat people/witnesses they agreed they need to proceed along. They than met up Fish Mooney as the kidnapping happened on her territory. Of course it was a delighting to see Jada Pickett Smith; Fish Mooney,  again, and she and Gordon hit it off right away. After some “pleasant” conversation, Fish allowed them to snoop on around. They didn’t find anything at first but after Barbara slipped Kid Snatcher headline to the Gotham Gazett.

I fairly enjoy the chemistry between Jim and his Barbara, they have something honest, pure, extraordinary that is totally opposite to the face of Gordon that is dirty, filthy, ordinary and corrupt.

Back to the clue about the snatchers! It lead them to the man who sold the kids the drug and conveniently the snatchers.  Bullock and Gordon rescued the kids but didn’t catch the kidnappers. But the kidnappers wouldn’t let it go so they abducted a bus with kids. Selina was one of the kids and finally spoke and kicked some major a**.  Afterwards Bullock and Gordon saved the day again and all of those kids. As Selina didn’t want to go up state to a juvenial detention she fessed up about that she saw who killed the Wayne’s. And with this the curtain fall on last nights Gotham ep. Nice set up for next week.

Fish Mooney had a small face off with Falcon and afterwards promised to herself  that one day she would bite Falcon’s throat out. That is something I look forward to.

Besides that we met Penguin’ s mother, who was investigated by Montoya and her partner about Penguin’s disappearance. She was quite a whack job, and Carol Kane played a perfect roll. Penguin meanwhile killed his way back up, but not a successfully as you would thought. He kidnapped a rich kid and asked for ransom. But Penguin got of course the worst rich kid, whose parents wouldn’t pay up.

I won’t give up on the show yet as this was slightly better than the Pilot! So my deadline will be mid-season. I hope you stick with me!




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