Quick Recap: Grey’s Anatomy 11×01


– “I Have Lost it In The Wind”  starts with flashbacks to the time Elis Grey tried to kill herself and the circumstances make it seem like she did it cause she found out she is pregnant. Yikes!

– Meredith was all over the place, she busted into Alex house in the middle of the night and pushed Jo out of the bed.

– At the Hospital Meredith and Maggie Pierce, her sister, were assigned to the same case and Meredith was at her prime bitch not even noticing Meredith. Later along the way the patient fall into Cardiogenic shock and Maggie had to step in during Meredith’s surgery. In true sister fashion they were going at each other.

– Richard had a tough time to deal with the news that Maggie is her sister. He even went to an AA meeting to confide to someone without being judged, just to bust into Amelia. And just as he wanted to confess to Maggie that he is her father, she was ragging about Mer and how she never wanted to meet her blood relatives.

– The case of the was revolving around 2 kids who had sex in a car when a gurney fall from the roof and injured them both. Arizona and Callie were dealing with them, while still struggling with the Idea of having a baby via Surrogate. After the girl got a brain bleed and Callie’s fear vanished. But a new complication happened as Arizona was thinking about taking a Fetal surgeon fellowship.

– Owen is the one to get this week, as Avery, Derek and Richard offered in the most weird way to keep him company after Yang left,

– Alex and Bailey were going against each other for that one board seat. After some banter and a quick board meeting they decided to make a competition out of it. Let the better doc win.

– After Derek and Amelia lost a patient, we witnessed some brother sister bonding. But even more important after they told the patients family that their husband/father died, Derek had a moment with the kid and he realized he doesn’t want for his kids to grow up without him. So in the most un-magical moment ever at Joe’s he told Mer his decision but she doesn’t want him to give up his dream for her. The tension is still there.


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