Scorpion Review: IQ over 700


Fall season officially started last night and I couldn’t be happier. This fall season I’ll start with my most anticipated pilot of the upcoming season SCORPION! Scorpion is a tale about geniuses who get recruited to do the FBI’s dirty work.

Team Scorpion consist out of their leader Walter (Elyes Gabel), the snarky girl Happy Quinn (Jadyn Wong), the neurotic genius Sylvester Dodd (Ari Stidham) and the wild card Toby Curtis (Eddie K. Thomas). Their chemistry pure, clean and enjoyable as haven. And even though I love the brilliant quartet and their chemistry, the thing that made me enjoy this show the most is the chemistry between Walter and special agent Cabe Gallo.

Why? Cause they have some sort of back story and I’m dying to find out what happened back there. The thing we know is that after a 16-year-old Walter hacked into NASA and had a close encounter with Cabe. Walter configured a software that Cabe later used in the war and had a lot of casualties. So we all understand Walter hesitating to work with him when someone hacked into the LAX airport security system. Eventually Team Scorpion agreed to help cause of the promised money, 50K per person.

Things quickly heated up and our crew settled in a dinner where they could access to a WiFi signal. At the dinner the wonderful Paige Dineen (Katharine McPhee) was working and keeping her seemingly odd son Ralph safe. Soon Walter and Sylvester revealed that Ralph instead of being challenged he is a genius just like our 4 main characters. Besides that we enjoyed some brilliant banter between Walter and Katharine. They 2 of them took off the gloves right and I really really liked it. She wasn’t trying to play smart she was just showing she was human and the way she simplified things was great. And those big eyes she owns were so helping her deliver tonight. 

And of course even with a bunch of genius this mission wasn’t an easy one and our guys worked their assess off to keep all people alive. All around after some intense car racing through LA and driving a Porsche under an airplane we got to safe the day.

I mean there was a lot of IT talk some people can’t understand, a lot of things I didn’t understand either but that didn’t prevent me from enjoying this show. At the end Cabe offered a job to Team Scorpion and they gladly accepted. Walter later proposed a job to Katharine cause they need a people person.

I’m really glad the Pilot didn’t disappoint me and I fairly enjoyed it. Looking forward to the rest of the season. Bring it on!


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