Quick Recap: The Big Bang Theory 8×02

The Junior Professor Solution

-Tension heated up between Penny and Berny as Penny wasn’t that into learning and Berny was pushing her. Amy was put in the middle and played a game to twirl between her 2 Besties. Later Amy trapped herself into her own trap, as Penny and Berny took down a notch and reconciled.

-Sheldon was rehired but only if he was starting to teach at the University. First off he was completely against it, he grew into just to realize no one wanted to take his class.

-Than Howard offered to take his class as he intends to do his doctor degree. Sheldon of course thought that Howard wasn’t smart enough for his class. So a quick quiz happened and just as you would’ve thought that Sheldon back down he declined Howard as a student. Howard than mentioned that Mechanics are just as smart as Physicist. Their upcoming class was hilarious as Howard put a spite ball into Sheldon’s mouth. Sheldon of course overreacted and reported Howard to Human resources.

-After Sheldon spit up the paper spite ball he and Howard got back to the good terms.



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