Quick Recap: The Big Bang Theory 8×01


– The season opens 45 days after the season 7 final. Sheldon was on a road trip when he was robbed and all of his belongings were stolen.

– After harassing all the people on the train station Sheldon was arrested and called Lenard for help. He and Amy went to Arizona to rescue him. Things didn’t got better at the station and the poor officer had to put up on Sheldon’s quite irritating questions.

-Meanwhile Amy was pissed off by the way Sheldon was handling the situation. He didn’t say goodbye, he didn’t call her for help. But the reasons behind that were adorable, cause he wanted her to think less of him for failing. After he confessed that to her she was on 7th haven.

– Howard was overreacting over Stewart spending to much time with his mother Debbie! Think this is the first time she wasn’t called Mom or Mrs Wolowitz.  Stewart and Debbie were adorable. Howards’s jealousy was perfect and his interaction with Stewart was on point great. LMFAO!

-Berny arranged Penny a job interview as a pharmaceutical rep. Penny was over thinking it and was scared of failure.  And she was rightfully, she was shitting that interview all the ways she knew. Eventually she and the interviewer bonded of their fear of Bernadette.


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