Gotham Review: To protect the Ones I love


“. . . to protect the ones I love, I must become someone else. . .” wait wait ! Wrong show. And even though the previous line was taken out of the DC comic show Arrow it can fairly transpire to the conclusion of the newest pilot out of DC comic world, Gotham. If you were turned of by the first half our of the pilot, like I was, and switched the channel you pretty much did the biggest fall tv mistake to date.

ICYMI Gotham is the origin story behind James Gordon. The story follows the youngISH James start out his career as a detective. Alongside detective veteran Harley Bullock James was starting his way up the Police Department hierarchy. James is played by Ben McKenzie, a really handsome actor who got into the role better and better as the Pilot went on. James of course has a love interest in the form of Barbara Kean, his fiancée.

So after this quick introduction let’s break down the pilot. The episode starts with some thief action conducted by the lovely Selina Kyle (feature Catwoman, played by …). As Selina successfully escapes the man she robbed, she witnesses how the Wayne family gets cornered and robbed. After taking the belongings the thief shots … and … Wayne, leaving little Bruce stunned and screaming over his parents dead bodies. First at the crime scene Det. Bullock and Gordon .

While Bullock was investigating the crime scene James approached Bruce and formed some sort of connection. James told Bruce the story how his father died in a car accident and how he couldn’t do anything. Eventually James promised the young boy, that there will be light! Bot right away but the light will come. And as it seems this beautiful simple bond will be the core of show and if they keep building on it the show could have a bright feature. And truth to be told this was the most memorable scene of the first half hour.

After this Gordon and Bullock were going after some local thief just to find a lead on the murderer. That let us to the introduction of Mrs Fish Mooney and Oswald her “loyal” companion. Fish Mooney, played by the usually lovely Jada Pickett Smith, was a really bad bad girl. It was nice to see her toy around a bit with Gordon. Eventually a lead gave James and Harley their first suspect. It was none other than Mario Pepper, the father of bound to be Poison Ivy. Coincidence I doubt it. After an intensive but badly recorded hunt scene, Pepper gained the upper hand and was about to kill James but Harley came to his rescue and eliminated Pepper instead.

And while Harley and James were celebrated as heroes, Oswald decided to go against his boss Fish and snatched out that Pepper was set up. Of course he didn’t confess to Harley and James, instead he choose det Montoya and her partner. Afterwards it was revealed that Montoya had a fling with James’s fiancée, Barbara. As Montoya thought James was in on the set up she warned Barbara about it and him, trying to split them up.

Bt of course it wasn’t that easy. Barbara and James’s connection is real, sincere and deep, so she confessed right away that Montoya told her Pepper’s arrest was a set up. And while Harley easily let go, James couldn’t so he sought out Fish Mooney once again and was underhanded by her and her people. As Fish’s people were about to silence James, Harley once again came to his rescue but failed miserably cause after threatening Fish, she had no mercy and wanted him gone as well.

The savior or villain of the day was Mr. Falcon, who saved both James and Harvey. Falcon is the underground leader of Gotham and controls the Police and the Mob. And when he wants Pepper to be the murderer, pepper will be it. But the price for freedom was to big, Falcon would let James go under only one rule, he had to put a bullet through Oswald’s head and push him into the sea. Harvey as part of the whole cover up persuaded James with threats against him and Barbara. It seemed like James didn’t have a choice, but he resort to his last option and faked Oswald’s death and agreed to be part of the cover up. This powerful scene was one of the episode’s highlights and marked the relationship between Harvey and James forever.

At the end James confessed the to Bruce and Albert about the cover up and promised Bruce he would find the person who killed his parent. And while Albert was completely skeptic, Bruce decided to give his friend one more chance. I love how Bruce just left the room after giving James the confidence nod. After this scene, next week can’t come soon enough!


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