Teen Wolf Review: Always a Monster


Last night Teen Wolf aired it’s season 4 finale, titled “Smoke & Mirrors”. Honestly it felt like anything but a finale. Yes it was action packed and a bit intense but no real development and after loosing Alison and Aiden last season this felt like they weren’t even trying.

So let’s start this story with the funniest side story of last night, Lydia and Mason were trapped in the school by a Bersearker. Yeah Team TW recruited Mason to look where Lydia was hiding, as they were about to leave for Mexico to save Kira and Scott. At the school, things were funny and awkward as Lydia and Mason were petrified by the Bearseaker. Eventually i sheriff Stilinski arrived with a bomb and saved 2 were sweet scream heads.

Meanwhile at LaIglecia, Kate already turned Scott into aBerseaker and made him stab Kira. But before that we got a little lesson about how Kate is called “La Bona” and is able to create Berseakers  and they will always listen to her. That explains a lot, even though its more than illogical. And while Kira was trying to heal herselfStilles, Malia, Derek,Braeden, Liam and Peter were traveling to LaIglesia to save Kira and Scott. And like they weren’t having enough problems the full moon was forcing Liam into transformation which he couldn’t handle. Later in some tense scenes with Derek and Stiles Liam learned to control his inner wolf.

Rapidly our group reached La Iglesia and the drama started right away. A Berseaker rapidly injured Derek making him die a painful death. While Braeden was looking after the injured Derek, Stiles, Malia, Peter and Liam were searching through La Iglesia to find their friends. Than a Berseaker attacked them and not knowing that it was Scott behind the mask the crew started to fight him. Stiles let the fighting to the big guys and continued the search for Skira. But he only found Kira, who informed him about Kate turning Scott. Kira and Stiles appeared at the right moment to prevent Malia from killing Scott. After some brawl, Liam got through to Berseaker Scott’s heart with a line from the begging of the season.

You’re not a monster. You’re a werewolf, like me.

The same line that saved Liam from his anger filled rush back in ep 4×04. Scott transformed back and quickly realized Peter was the one behind all of this. An anticlimactic Alpha vs Beta fight followed, which Scott was about to lose again! Yeah no one was really surprised. But things changed really quickly when Peter attacked Liam and Scott’s Alpha/Daddy instinct woke up and he easily knocked out Peter. Yeah that is all you need, a Wolf who wants to protect his little Wolfies.

Outdoors Braeden had to face Kate and another Berseaker, of course she had no freaking chance but was saved by Argent, Parrish and the Caliveras. A ruthless fight emerged with a really strong Kate taking out a lot of Caliveras. Eventually Kate was stopped by an evolved Derek, who turned into a Black Wolf. Dangerously cute! And with an easy finger in the eyes move he made a Berseaker explode. Nice one.

Kate was able to run away, but before that we had a sibling fight on our hands. Argent and Kate went at each other throat’s promising they won’t stop. Argent decided to stay with the Caliveras and hunt Kate. So we have all of them Kate, Argent and the Caliveras to recycle them and their stories when necessary.

At the end Malia became a full pledged Stillinski, Scott and Liam are still bonding, Derek and Braeden going strong and Braeden revealed she was searching for the Desert Wolf as well, Kira got here first tail and Peter ended up at Eichen house with the 3 eyed guy, apparently he knows him.

Season 4 was a quite the ride, with a slow start, some solid eps in between and a boring boring end. Her to Season 5 be a lot better. And with this episode my summer show run ended, in about 2 weeks Fall season starts and it can’t come soon enough!


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