Teen Wolf Review: What did Kate Do?


“A promise to the dead” was all about “What did Kate do?”. And with the search for answers going on I was highly disappointed with the developments. With only 2 hours left in Season 4 I was expecting much much more from this episode.

Early into the episode we got to know the ass-kicking dr Alan Deaton. On his path to find out what Kate did to Derek he captured a Wendigo just to deliver him into a special department in Eichen house. Why? Cause he needed to talk to a really dangerous being with 3 eyes. Deaton fall into some sort of coma and was about to be transferred onto Eichen’s special unit. But Lydia came to Deaton’s rescue and pulled him out of the comatose state. I hoped we would dig in a bit more into that world Deaton crashed in but I’m sure we’ll revisit 3 eyes soon.

Melissa in the meanwhile busted her son for not returning the money to Derek. Yes Melissa found the money and explained Scott that life is full of issues and that blood covered money isn’t the solution. After returning the money to Derek, Scott asked him for a favor. He arraned the loft so he and Kira could have their first date. And yes it was more than sweet, better than perfect until Kate and 1 Berseaker busted the date. Of course Kate and The Bearseaker easily took out Scott and Kira just to announce she all 4 of them are taking a road trip to Mexico. In Mexico it was revealed that Kate intends to turn Scott into a Bearseaker. So the story goes a full circle here with the show ending it’s season right where it begun in Mexico.

Currently the only thing that keeps me bound to the show are the couples. Kira and Scott are so great together but Malia and Stiles are rocking the house. They are together and all in. Their chemistry is great and if at any point I wanted Stiles with Lydia I already forgot it. And while Stiles was pretty much benched this week, Malia had some neat scene I was pretty much enjoyed. Answering to what’s your favorite meal with Deer was hilarious! But Peter put on a big game changer on Malia’s story, he will tell her who her mother is if she kills Kate. And I thought they were working together? Peter is always an interesting character to watch and no clue what his end game is and doubt we’ll find out this season.

And before Peter blackmailed his daughter into killing Kate, he took down another Argent. Papa Argent found Kate and Peter’s meeting place in the sewer and couldn’t leave it alive so Peter crashed a sharp  object into his stomach pinning him into a wall. Thank holly hotness and Lydia, Parrish came to save Argent from dying. And with Parrish’s eyes glowing as he tried to pull Argent from the wall I’m really interested what type of supernatural he is.

And I completely forgot about Liam, the best addition to TW’s cast in recent time, had night terrors. Liam was still petrified after his last encounter with a Berseaker. He was seeing them everywhere at every time. He was at such a bad place that he was even pushing Mason away. Later at a Lacrosse game, the Liam’s Beta nemesis from his last school talked some sense into Liam making him believe again. Believe in his new and old friends and the powers growing in him.

With some great stories lingering around and Scott’s life in danger the season final could be full of surprises. But let’s see what cliffhangers the writers have prepared for us


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