True Blood Review: Accepting the End


I was really looking forward to this episode and was quite let down how most of the stories wrapped up. “Thank You” was a good episode but didn’t provide the intense emotional conclusion that I needed so I could finish this chapter show.

The most entertaining part of True Blood’s series finale was Pam. Throughout this season Pamela was the rising star that gave every episode its fine moments. So her playing around with Sarah Newlin. after eliminating the Yakuza guys with Eric, was just brilliantly written and even better executed.

And before I move on to the conclusion of the great love story between Bill and Sookie, let’s talk about Jessica and Hoyt getting married. After Bill and Jess made some sort of peace, Bill asked Hoyt to marry Jessica. She completely fangirl-ed over it and even though she was a Vampire she was a girl as well and wanted that day to be the perfect day. After one more emotional speech by Bill Jessica agreed to marry Hoyt and please her maker.

So following the events Hoyt and Jessica got hitched. The next day Sookie, Jason, Arlene, Andy and Holly attended the ceremony. Jessica looked beautiful and with the power given to Andy he proclaimed them husband and Vampwife. It was a lovely ceremony, but honestly a drag and really just took too much momentum from the finale.

Now back to Bill and Sookie. Things went in a really weird direction after Bill asked Sookie to kill him with her light. So he would experience the true death and she would be a normal person without any Vampires hunting him. Yes one more lunatic move by Bill, I don’t get it. Why not cure himself?

But no matter Bill’s decision, Sookie couldn’t do it. Once alone home Sookie flashed back to her teenage days. This was one of my favorite moments cause it featured Grams and Tara, even though it was young Tara. In the flashback She and Tara were running in the rain and Sookie found out Tara was into Jason. Afterwards Sookie revealed she was afraid show wouldn’t be loved. Grams gave Sookie a pep up talk saying her everything will be alright as long as she fight for her happiness.

Sookie was even so desperate hat she came to Jason and asked him for advice. At the wedding Sookie could read Bill’s thoughts and they were all the perfect thoughts. He wanted all the happiness in the world for her and that is why he needed to die. He couldn’t let her go. Somehow the choice felt unrealistic, cause of Sookie’s humanity and her being bond to die eventually. After a profoundly and underwhelming speech the pastor Sookie decided to forfill Bill’s wish and kill him.

The killing scene was sort of beautiful. I really enjoyed their chemistry and felt their goodbye words. At last sookie couldn’t kill Bill with her fairy magic and staked him instead. I loved that moment as well cause Sookie finally accepted herself as the fing phenomenal fairy she is. Sookie broke a shawl and killed Bill with a stake through his heart.

The final moments flashed forward and revealed that Eric and Pam profited from the True Blood product, Jason was enjoying a family life with 4 children, Sookie was pregnant and Sam was sometimes stopping by. Meanwhile Sarah was going nuts as Pam and Eric’s slave. The very last scenes featured all of the main characters dining at Sookie’s and enjoying life.

What a bust!??? True blood was always such a challenging show I really expected a mind-blowing twisted final and not a snooze fast. But truth to be told, TB lost its was somewhere around season 5 ending so I’m not really surprised. I at least hoped for an Eric-Sookie moment but we weren’t worthy.


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