Teen Wolf Review: A Pool of Dead


What the mad hatter happened there? Teen Wolf aired last Sunday precluding the VMA’s and I just got an hour to watch the episode. “Monstrous” was all over the place with the show trying to shift to its game face but failing miserably in trying to explain their move of the decade.

The hing that saved this episode for me were the Stalia moments. After getting a contusion during last weeks episode, Stiles spent the night in the hospital. The next morning Malia came by to check on him. With a little bit of help by Melissa, Stalia got locked into his hospital room and Stiles finally got through to Malia and they reconciled. But right after that they were back on track and started to play detectives again. So they were listening Lorraine Martin’s tape made while Bronski was trying to kill her. Malia proved not to be stupid at all so she and Stiles conected the dots that let them the lake house where maybe a key to stop the death pool.

At the Lake house Malia and Stilles found the dead pool mashine. The one which would send out information until all the people on the list were written of. With Lydia’s help they found the key and stopped the machines from sending out conformations. And just like that the dead pool is over.

In the meantime Lydia was trying to perswade Meredith to tell why she started the dead pool . The only problem Meredith only wants to speak to Peter Hale. Yes the handsome wolf stopped by and had a chat with Meredith. Soon into the conversation it’s revealed Meredith already meet Peter once. In flashbacks it was revealed that after suffering the panic attack Meredith was put into a room with Peter, right after the fire. For being a Banshee Meredith heard all the thoughts Peter had after the fire. His wishes for revenge, his pain and his desires. His desire to defeat all of the supernatural in Beacon Hills and he won’t do a thing. It was a brilliantly lied down plan but Peter hadn’t the gut to do it, so Meredith did.

In a quite interesting stand-off between the Sheriff and Peter, the Sheriff eventually had to back down. After Stilles and Malia broke the dead pool circle, Lydia had a beautiful moment with Mer and Holden once more nailed it.

Team Skira was meanwhile helping Satome and the rest of her pack to survive the assassins attack. These  Assassins weren’t kidding at all they came in blazing with guns and going after every single one of them. With the situation being quite intense Argent, Braeden and Derek came to help out. With supernatural shows I’m always in for some extravaganza but this was more than unrealistic. The major thing happening here was Scott loosing control, in the heat of the fight he couldn’t control himself and went all out on an Assassin.

Quite the mess the writers made here. I was hoping that the Benefactor would be intriguing, mysterious and deadly, instead of that we are headed right back to Season 1 and a new face off against Peter Hale, the “true” Alpha. With all my summer shows closing out these days I’m really sad that Teen Wolf delivered this poorly.


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