Pretty Little Liars Review: All Ur Fault


Farewell dear Mona. You were a kick ass “A”, a manipulative snatch afterwards and a handful to deal with. In PLL’s fAtalFinal we had to say goodbye to Mona, she was the latest victim of the “A” game. “Taking This One To The Grave” was a good episode with a really really creepy killing scene.

Our favorite 4 Liars were scared of Alison’s actions and the only possible solution, seek out an other mastermind. Of course Mona was A top candidate. After the Liars went for Mona, she started a chain reaction trying to make her Army make a move before Alison. But to late, Lucas informs us that Alison already made her move and that Mona’s former army obeys Alison now.

The next morning Mona informed the Liars that Alison made some power moves and accused Alison of being a Sociopath. It was interesting hearing Mona’s theory and how fitting it was. Than Mona revealed why Alison choose, Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hanna, they all had their characteristics. Spencer the smart one, Aria the compassionate, Emily the loyal on and Hanna the admiring one. She had the perfect group to play with and now that her dolls aren’t playing her way she changes games and ends it.

So Mona started to play against Alison and with Lucas’s help broke into the police system and found out what Alison told during her lie detector test. So easy! Apparently Alison set Spencer up to take the fall for Bethany Youngs murder. But in a new smart and so easy move Spencer and Mona broke into Radley to see why Alison was even a suspect in the murder case.

After the girls let their Bed friends (Paige, Toby and Ezra) by side, they made the Radley break in happen. While Emily was stalling Alison, Mona and Spencer nursed up and with Aria’s assistance broke into the archive and took along quite the intriguing files along. The files prove that Mrs DiLaurentis was the lover of Bethany’s father and that she knew Alison. The Radley mission abruptly ended after Holbrooke appeared at the loony and Toby got into a car accident. Afterwards Emily had a blow out with Alison and Paige witnessed Cindy and Mindy take Alison to a farm where she gathered her army, “A” army.

The next day, on Thanksgiving, Spencer was arrested for Bethany Youngs murder and Mona had to face “A”. And came out bloodless. In probably the most terrifying moments in PLL history, “A”  sneaked up to Mona and killed her. But before that Mona found evidence that Alison is “A”. Is that a throw off? Are they misleading us again? Or is Alison so crazy that she is playing this game for so long?

And while throughout the episode the walls were closing on the girls, their love lives were flourishing. Ezra got an invitation to the Montgomery Thanksgiving dinner, Emily and Paige finally reconciled, Toby already got a policeman uniform and had some sort of nasty moment with Spencer and Hanna and Caleb were close like never before.

And while this episode was solid like some vintage PLL instalments, it felt undone. No real answer was given, but so many questions were risen. RIP to the wonderful Mona and my sincere condolences to Mike Montgomery and the lovely Mona Mom. PLL is taking now a 4 month break till December 24th and the big Christmas episode. Pre-or to that a Halloween Q and A special will air, with fans getting some answers! Doubt it but I’ll let them prove me wrong.


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