The Last Ship Review: Saviors can’t trust Anyone


2 nights ago The Last Ship aired its season one final episode and it was quite the event. “No place like Home” was an intense outing delivering some heartbreaking moments and set up stories for season 2. Yes the show already got a renewal.

After last weeks trial episode, the crew of Nathan James was ready to mass produce the vaccine/cure. But things really weren’t playing into their hands. Their first goal was to reach the lab at Fort Detrick but quickly with some satellite support they found out it wasn’t an option as the lab was torched down. But a light burned on the horizon as they got contacted by Amy Granderson, Alisha’s mother who was positioned in Baltimore. There they had a full functioning lab where the cure could be mass-produced.

At the Baltimore station everything seemed perfectly right besides the fact that the Warloards were playing against Granderson’s people. Everything seemed alright till Tom found signs that his family is near. He and some of his crew members went to look for them and quickly got involved in a gun fight with Granderson’s people, with Jeter getting shot in the process .

After finding his father and kids Tom had to face the harsh truth that his wife has passed and that Granderson is killing all the people she thinks doesn’t deserve to survive just to create a world according to her standards.

Rachel and Ashley find out the truth and Amy Granderson gives us a really powerful speech proving her case but that makes me wanna smack her in the face. Meanwhile Granderson’s people overtook the ship and things seems to fall apart as the curtain closes on our favorite summer crew.

ICYMI: Tex finally stepped up and kissed Rachel. It was a quite beautiful moment but Rachel just isn’t there.

This finale was quite the event. How will our crew survive these events? No fing clue! And I freaking love it. The wait will be long but with the way the final ended I’m more than looking forward to it.


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