Pretty Little Liars Review: In this Together


The only really big thing about last night’s PLL episode was the title. “No one here can Love or Understand Me” was somehow of a big episode but even though we got a major reveal it felt somehow misleading. The episode resumed right were “A Dark Ali” ended, with the girls going to the Police to confess. conveniently the girls got a message to don’t act out, cause they’re all together in this. Yep “A” or Alison stopped the girls right before they went to drop the truth. Bad luck! Let’s go girl by girl and see how this all played out.

Spencer: This week Spencer had so many issues on her mind. Not only was she obsessing about Alison, Melissa and Caleb. Yep Caleb. After Hanna asked for the number of her sober coach Dean (yes bring Nathaniel Buzolic back pretty pretty please) so he could help Caleb. But the lovely Spencer convinced her that Caleb needs people he trust to help him, so she recruited Toby from the police Academy to help. But after sending Toby after Caleb, she got a video message from Melissa.

A really suspicious message, where Melissa confesses that she buried Bethany Young alive as she thought it was Spencer who knocked out Alison and just wanted to protect his sister.  It seems like quite the revelation but why the message why so cryptic! Got a feeling either “A”, Alison or Mona forced Mel to record the message.

Hanna: Hanna was all over Caleb this week. He couldn’t stop drinking cause he couldn’t fall asleep. And post Ravenswood Caleb isn’t quite the talker. And even though Toby pushed him almost to the confession line he pulled back cause he couldn’t deal with/share the ghost thingy.

Later Hanna confronted Caleb at his place and give him some comfort and protect him. Caleb finally opened up to Hanna and revealed what happened to him and Miranda, the ghost girl he bonded with. I hope the will quit the Ravenswood story now as this part of the Haleb journey was over. We are already spinning in to many circles, please stop now.

Aria: Tonight Aria was working on Mona. Mona, who still was dating Mike Montgomery, was lingering all over her home. And after Mama Ella bailed on a family opera night, Mona swept in making things quite awkward. Aria and Mona had talk in the Ladies room, Mona showed her soft side. Yeah who thought she has one. Alison was dissolving her army and things didn’t seemed bright at all for Mona. She just wants to protect herself cause she is afraid of Alison. Aria connected to Mona and let her be with Mike.

Emily: After clipping her wings of Alison, Emily decided she needs her life back. One of her first steps is come close to Paige again, that was a clear blank shot. As Emily seemed to move on and went on a date. Paige looked really really stunning, see what you missed girl. The other steps investigate that Cyrus guy. With Ezra’s help she found out that Ally was close to Cyrus and probably blackmailed him into confessing the kidnapping.

Alison was MIA this week. Bummer!

Tanner: With Alison being absent this week, Tanner stepped into the spotlight. She first cornered Hanna, Aria and Emily, she wanted just to speak to them but thing got a bit out of control after Tanner asked who they think Bethany Youngs murderer is? The girls were almost paralyzed, Tanner knows how to push their buttons. In one other perfect move, Tanner went up to talk to Byron she mentioned one of the girls will tell her the truth. Aria of course heard this and alarmed the girls. After this Spencer showed Aria and Emily the message Melissa sent her. They also realized Bethany was wearing Alison’s close. With all this stuff happening the girls are convinced Alison is “A” and looking at the next weeks promo the producer want to convince us to.

Team Mona and Team “A” were still on summer vacation.

With an underwhelming episode, next weeks Fatal(mid-season)Final doesn’t seem appealing at all. But someone is bound to die, the producer are still aiming to put Alison into “A’s” skin and Tanner isn’t backing down. But be aware guys PLL is so misleading, so Alison is for sure not “A” but who is? And who will die?Be sure this will be answered in true vintage PLL fashion, next week.


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