Teen Wolf Review: We got Bansheed


Season 4 Episode 9, Perishable, and the Benefactor is revealed! It’s Meredith! The supposedly dead Banshee, was very much alive and ready to rumble. But first let’s break this down from the begging to see how we got to this shocking reveal.

The episodes starts with deputy Parish waking up in his car. In the middle of a parking lot he was tied down in his car while someone was pouring gasoline all over his car. It was an other deputy who got hold on the dead pool and was eagar to get those 5 millions. Even though Parish begged his college to save him he didn’t have mercy. But the odd thing was Parish came back from the death and kicked his colleges as* at the police station. So Parish except being quite hot is an interesting supernatural being as well.

Later on Parish got accepted to the “pack” after Scott  and Derek revealed themselves in front of him. It was a really funny scene as Parish thought they all were psychics but no they certainly aren’t. Lydia also revealed that her Grandma and her colleges drove Meredith insane.

From this point on Lydia and Stiles took over to find out what message Lorraine Martin, Lydia’s Nana, left behind. They tried to find out what the code would encrypt and after they went on sort of soul-searching, Lydia revealed she was reading all the time with her Grandma. So they realized the code for the new list was Ariel. The code unveiled a new dead pool of people who already are dead. All of them died in the Eichen House, the Crazy house where Malia and Stiles met. So Lydia and Stiles went up to Eichen house to snoop through their files. Of course they needed to bribe the nurse Bronski. Suddenly Bronski appears to be a psychotic maniac who killed all the people from the new dead pool. He captured the 2 of them and forced them to listen how he killed Lorraine. Quite terrible and creepy but it was a nice touch to Bronski’s psychotic character.

Things went quickly into the danger zone and Bronski was just seconds away from killing Lydia when Parish appeared and took him out. Lydia and Stilles concluded that Bronski was the Benefactor, but on his dying bad he was just laughing at them. Afterwards Meredith appeared revealing that he wasn’t on her list but still he was a bad bad man.

The secondary story of the episode was dealing around Liam and his new issues. The last encounter with Kate’s Bearseaker was quite terrifying for him and he wasn’t feeling well at all. The fact that his prize raised from 3 to 18 mil was just an other reason to have issues. At the annual Lacrosse team Bonfire, Scott encountered Malia and Liam trying to get wasted and overcome their issues. I must say I really growing to like Malia and Liam more and more. Malia for being so straight forward and open-minded, while Liam is just such a nice guy, awesome.

Back to the story now, as they tried to get wasted Scott informs them that they can’t get drunk cause of their wolfyness. But things got awkward when they started to feel doozy. Scott realized that the music is affecting their senses and that an assassin is after them.  Unlucky it wasn’t just the DJ who attacked him it was a bunch of people.They took Scott, Malia and Liam into the school and tried to put them on fire. Thankfully Mason, Liam’s gay Bff, unplugged the Dj from the generator and Scott with Braeden and Derek’s help saved himself and his 2 pack wolves.

MIA This week Kira, Kate, Peter and Argent were away. No real reason besides slight budget cuts.

A really solid episode with the Meredithe-Benefactor reveal being game changing but somehow underwhelming. So how does Meredith intend to get away from Parish, Lydia and Stiles, doubt she is stronger, hope she has a kick as* Banshee power we haven’t seen before. We only have 3 episode this season and hoping for some big things to happen so I can drool over the 1 year (9 month) hiatus.


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