True Blood Review: It’s what she needs


Wow! Really really Wow! True Blood’s penultimate episode was quite the roller coaster and I’m not sure if I look forward to a bombastic final or if I’m sad cause this great show will come to an end.

“Love is to Die” picked up right were the last episode left of, Bill telling he refuses to drink Sarah’s blood as he has accepted his destiny and he chooses to die. This put Sookie and Jessica in crazy mode, even to the limit that Jessica asked for Bill to let her go. It was quite emotional and I once more enjoyed Deborah’s performance. Just as Bill said she become a beautiful Vampire, she went a really long way and I love her character so much. After talking to Jackson at Bellefleur’s she realized the mistakes she made with Jackson and went up to talk to Hoyt.

Before Jessica arrived at Hoyt’s, he and his fiancée had a blow out about his decision to not have children. It was a really powerful scene and Bridget (played by Ashley Hinshaw) was really great. And just as everything seemed to fall into place for the 2 of them Jessica appeared on their front door. She revealed to them that she and Hoyt were a thing and even though he couldn’t remember it she needed him. Bridget completely pissed of gave Hoyt an ultimatum if he goes after Jessica they are over.  Hoyt couldn’t help himself and followed Jessica. Another emotional scene happened between them as Jessica told Hoyt the truth about Bill and their past. Kudos to both of them cause their scenes are better than ever.

Later as Bridget asked Jason to come for her, Hoyt knocked him out once more. After Jessica told Hoyt the whole truth the engaged in passionate sex. And while they were doing it really hot and nasty, Jason was confessing the story to Bridget. It was beautiful as he told her the story and how he deeply understood that Jessica and Hoyt were meant for each other. Afterwards Bridget gave a Jason a lesson how to sleep beside a woman and not have sex.

Back at Bellefleur’s Arlene was hosting a dinner for her family and friends. It was a great moment and I really enjoyed the whole scenery. The emotional bond between Arlene and Sookie was presented so powerful and the way the understood each other was beautiful.

Meanwhile in the most enlightening True Blood scene ever, Eric and Bill shared a moment. Eric came to force Bill to take the cure not for his own sake but for Sookie. Eric knew that Bill’s death would take a huge part of what Sookie is and at this moments she wouldn’t be able to handle it. But Bill told Eric about his dream and the void Sookie gave birth to. Eric finally understood Bill’s reasons and agreed to do him one last favor and talk to Sookie.

Of course Eric talked to Sookie and made her understand a bit where Bill’s decision came from. I will miss their scenes together, the lingering sexual tension, the sincerity and deep looks into each others eyes are just phenomenal.

In the twist of the century Eric and Ginger finally sexed the hell up. The scene was better than I could ever imagine. After dealing with others shitty decisions Eric needed to let of some major steam and it was just brilliantly hot. But Ginger came surprisingly fast leaving Eric without the real pleasure.

Afterwards Eric found the Japanese guys in Fangtasia’s cellar with a levitating stake above her head. They were just about to kill Pam when Eric confessed that Sookie knows about Sarah. The episode ended on a huge cliffhanger with the Japanese guys wanting to know where Sookie lives.

Pam once more was assigned to deliver some great laughs. No matter if she had Jessica crying on her shoulders or dyeing Sarah back to blond, she was plain hilarious. Loved it. I will really miss her.

ICYMI: Sam decided to follow Nicole to Chicago. I can’t believe Sam’s goodbye was so pathetic, he left a letter to Sookie where he just told her he needed to be by his child. Sam deserved much more. I really hope the final gives the Sam fans a bit justice cause he truly deserved much more.

Besides the Sam thing it swas an extraordinary episode that really justified the essence of the core characters. The final is just a week away and I can’t believe that will be the last drop of True Blood we’ll ever consummate.



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