The Last Ship Review: Condemned by Trial



The Last Ship is heading into their final season 1 moment and things are going to be wild. Last nights episode, titled “Trials”, was quite the event. After weeks and weeks of pure trouble for the people on the Nathan James last night would’ve been an easy one but of course it wasn’t.

Rachel and Quincy were working hard on the vaccine and reached the point were human trials were necessary. So they needed 6 volunteers. Surprisingly a fair amount of people applied. But only the 6 most lucky ones were able to get into the mix. That included Kara, Tex, the CMC Jeter, Andrea, the chief engineer, Maya and Miller. After getting the vaccine prototype and the virus afterwards all hell broke loose. The trial candidates started to hallucinate, have seizures, got fever, bleed through their nose etc.

At the end Rachel realized where the mistake was. The human gen incorporated in the virus was starting and immune response and the candidates started to fall apart. With same magical science stuff Rachel and Quincy prepared a new product which healed the all of the candidates except Maya. Maya died prior to Rachel found out the cause of their sickness.

This episode was so good cause we finally got to see everyone else act and have their moments not only Tom acting out as the commander. Danny and Kara shared some lovely moments, especially after the revelation that she is pregnant, I assume there were no condoms on the Arctic. It was heartbreaking to see him watch her on the brick of life.

We even got insight into the back story of the other recurring characters like Maya, Jetter, Andrea, Mason and it was nice. The focus shifted and it was refreshing. Besides that Tex was over the top perfect. The way he presented his feeling to Rachel, it wasn’t silly anymore it was true and coming right from the heart. And as Kara stated it seems that Rachel is warming up and I really hope they will engage or at least share a moment during the season final. Rachel also showed some glimpses of humanity as she watched the candidates die slowly in front of her eyes.

But again Commander Tom (Eric Dane) wasn’t completely pressed to the side; he was over looking the whole action and spent some heart warming moments with the candidates.

Back on solid ground we saw Tom’s family struggling with the fight against the virus. At the end it was obvious Mrs. Chandler is infected with the virus.

In the closing moments of the episode we found out that Rachel not only created a Vaccine she created a cure for already infected people. Next week seems to be quite intense and I have no doubt the episode will end with a major cliffhanger.


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