Pretty Little Liars Review: Strangers


“A Dark Ali” was quite something! PLL’s last outing was a mix of some really good scenes and interactions and kept the story spinning in circles. The episode was about revolving around this suspicious new guy that confessed all the crimes that happened to Alison. Every girl dealt with this event on her own.

Hanna: Hers story was the most interesting this week. She was trying to live a normal life, so Piper Halliwell of her, so she decided to clean up Caleb’s apartment, start to jog and audition for an role in school. Just the usual high school stuff. But karma came right around the circle as she met Mona at the audition and realized she had some ties with Cyrus, the guy who portrayed to be Ally’s abductor. Afterwards she trailed Mona and the both were on a stakeout to see where Cyrus would lead them.

Of course we witnessed some Mona-Hanna bonding. Nice moments. BTW Kudos to Janel Parrish, she has an amazing singing voice.

Aria: Had to deal with her amazing Mom, played by the more than lovely Holly Marie Combs. Ella was dealing with her recent break up and it was really hard on her. How it couldn’t be? Her perve younger boyfriend was trying to cheat of course it’s hard. After Ezra went up to confront Alison, even though Aria strictly told him not to a fight emerged and Aria was ready of letting Ezra go. But than Ella talked sense into her and told her thing could change.

Spencer: Had issues with Melissa! As things heated up around Ally’s alleged kidnapper, Spencer couldn’t avoid to go up against Melissa and it was nice. Melissa finally confessed her attachment to Mona and her crew but just cause she was afraid of all the turmoil Alison brought in with her return. This all forced Spencer to think about this messy thing Alison put them in and she thought about using Noel’s information to cliff their wings of Alison and all of her lies. Emily talked her out of it, but not for long.

Emily: Speaking of Emily she was all about defending Alison. And who wouldn’t !?? Alison’s story about how she met Cyrus and how he hurt her was just brilliantly executed. Even I would fall for it. Later as Emily found out Alison confessed Cyrus was the one who abducted her not even Emily couldn’t stay longer by Ally’s side. She defied Paige, Spencer, everyone around her just cause she believed Alison. And now Emily is done with Alison. She is done!

Alison: Once again I’m impressed by Sasha’s intense performance. She really pulled me in and I enjoyed all the stuff going around her. Than Alison shocked all of us! After she confessed Cyrus took her, just a couple of moments after Cyrus exited his 48 hours in prison. Than We meet Cyrus again in the woods confronting a Black haired women about the warrant put on his name. I thought it was “A” but no Alison put Cyrus up to make a fake confession. She found him half dead and brought him back to life! So she owned him.

Team Mona and Team “A” were mostly on hold this week. Sadly no progress in that department.

At this point, the writers twirled so much around the “A” story that now the reveal of “A” will be completely underwhelming. Still the 2 episode away mid+season final is announced as FatalFinal, assuming some member of the main cast/main liars will die in the final. Sincerely doubt it. Eventually I could see a boyfriend bite the dust.


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