Teen Wolf Review: Dreamcatcher


So I have to say “Time Of Death” was one of the better Teen Wolf episodes this season. There was story and character development and enough action to spice it up enough.

The episode started with Stiles dreaming about him and Malia having difficulties to fall asleep. They couldn’t find the right position to get there. Not even spooning helped, at least when Stiles was the big spoon. Everything worked out better when he was the small spoon. But than Stiles woke up. I love how they portrayed them Stiles missing Malia. Even though I’m a huge Stydia fan, I need Stalia to reconcile. The couple didn’t meet until the end of the episode, when Malia broke into Stiles room. She had some sort of father daughter bonding with Peter and found out that her mother is called Desert Wolf aka Coyote. She came to confess Stiles she had fought with her adoptive mother before the crash and she said she wanted her dead. Seems like Malia’s bio mother doesn’t know the meaning of figure of speech. Seems like a nice possible Villain for Season 5.

The main plot of the episode revolved around Kira and her mother shifting Scott into a coma so they could lure out the Benefactor. Of course all hell was about to get loose. With the help of Argent they contacted the Benefactor and were waiting for him to appear. They broke into the hospitals security system and were waiting. There plan was interrupted by Kate and her fellow Bearseakers. Liam and Kira put up a solid fight but weren’t able to do huge damage. Liam surprised me, he quite stepped up to protect his sire. I really grow to like him and his bromance with Scott Eventually everything fall into place and Kira woke Scott up but wasn’t able to protect her mom. Casualties! Don’t worry Kitsune Mom isn’t dead, just badly hurt so Kira can stick around for a while. The big reveal following Kate department from the hospital is that she is still working with Peter and they both were glad Scott is alive.

Speaking of Scott he was delving a bit more in his dreams. There he was spending some quality time with Liam and The Mute. It was about Scott’s inability to kill, he doesn’t look at himself that way and things he would never go there. Let’s see what the future will bring to Scott and what he will be forced to do. Besides this after he woke up, he realized when the Benefactor didn’t need to confirm his death he is probably a Banshee or a Banshee is helping him.

Meanwhile our favorite Banshee, Lydia was spending time at her lake house. There with her mothers assistance found out her grandmother was a Banshee to and that she wanted for Lydia when she turns 18 to spray her ashes over the lake. But after opening the urn she realized it weren’t ashes it were mountain Ash. Mystical!!! Ohh yes and Nana left a wacky message only a Banshee can encrypt.

At the loft some sexual healing was going on, Braeden and Derek were going after it. After lingering sexual tension was all over their previous scenes last night they finally went there. Braeden was wondering why Derek wasn’t healing and stepped behind his secret. And how well did she step. A passionate thing was going on between them after Braeden intended to show Derek how to use a gun. Oh girl he knows how to use it, ohh so well!

A great episode as said earlier is setting up an interesting season finale. Sadly (now) we only have 12 episodes for this season and it will be a long year without Teen Wolf. But I’m really curious with which cliffhangers they’ll end this season. 





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