True Blood Review: The Sin


“Almost home” was an episode all about sins and their consequences. With the end being just 2 weeks away some stories got good conclusions and some past times have been revisited.

The best part of last nights episode was the conclusion to the lingering Tara storyline. Lettie May and Lafayette were following the clue Tara gave them on the last trip. They were digging holes in Tara’s childhood home’s yard when the reverent appeared and tried to convince them to stop justify their addiction. Eventually Lettie May and Lafayette convinced him to join on their road and with the help of Jackson’s blood they entered the Limbo. There they visited one of Tara’s past memories, one of her birthdays. Everything was fine till her crazy as* father appeared. and busted the party starting to hit a younger Lettie May version. At one moment Tara intended to kill her father but couldn’t pull the trigger. Afterwards her father left  and her mother found refuge in alcoholism. Tara felt guilty her whole life and thought she was responsible for her mothers addiction and bad life. Eventually Lettie; Lafayette and the Reverent let Tara go and she finally could move on. Even though Tara’s death happened to fast and was quite underwhelming the conclusion to her life long suffering was beautiful handled.

Meanwhile the rest of the episode was all about love and things we do cause we love. The more entertaining part was going on between Jessica, Violet, Hoyt and Jason. Their story started as we witness Hoyt telling his fiancee he doesn’t want children. During their fight Jason gets a text from Violet. Jason rushed right out of the house and Bridget followed him. At Violet’s mansion, Jason was quickly overhanded by Violet and stripped him to one of her toys. She threatened to bash Wade’s skull, rip of Adelyn’s breast and deflower Jessica every 10 minutes with a burning dildo. Yes Violet is quite a piece!!!! And we all love her for that. Eventually Karma hit Violet in her tiny perfect as* as Hoyt killed her (she was the one who killed his mom). Afterwards Jessica and Hoyt shared some perfect moments. Yes after Hoyt for once was the Hero, he and Jess had a moment when they looked each other deep in the eyes and their chemistry was all over the place. Later Hoyt visited her again, after Jason told him her father figure, Bill, was dying. And it was beautiful! Jessica and Hoyt broke off cause she thought she can see and experience more but Jessica realized there isn’t anything behind this great facade and you can only be happy if you someone loves you. Hoping for some making up to happen in the next 2 weeks.

The last but not the worst part of last night was all about the original triangle Sookie, Bill and Eric. The episode opened where the last one ended and Sarah(Newme) finally ready to die. Eric almost broke her neck but Pam prevented that with threatening to kill herself if he would kill Sarah. Pam the vintage scene stealer, just love her!!!!!!! Afterwards Pam and Eric found out that the Japanese guys doesn’t want to make cure out of Sarah’s blood, they want to make a medication so that could make as much money as possible. Why sell it once when you can sell it 1000000000000 times. Eric and Pam weren’t really found of that plan but nobody was asking them.

Back in Bon Temp Sookie and Bill conducted some old school pillow talk and Bill finally spilled the beans why Queen Anne Sophie wanted Sookie in the first place. She wanted to mas reproduce fairy’s and halfbreeds, nice one! But Bill couldn’t deliver Sookie to the Queen cause he fell in love. So much for tying lose ends. Afterwards Eric sought her out just so she would know he is alive. She informed Eric that Bill is sick as well and he promised her would help. But Sookie being Sookie had to interfeer and busted into Fangtasia.

After almost being killed by the Japanese buys and fake glammered by Eric she almost went home, but the devil wouldn’t let her have a peaceful moment so she broke into Fangtasia’s cellar and found out Sarah was the cure. She went back to Bon Temps took Bill and Jess and headed back so Bill could take the cure. But Bill couldn’t do it! Why ? No clue! But it probably has to do with his love towards Elena Sookie and that he needs to protect her from him.

A great outing setting up some major storylines for the impending last to episodes of TB. The advantage the show has is that VD is still shooting and their decision on the love triangle will be the Original one and VD better not copy them. 😉 Just 2 more weeks and 2 more reviews. Looking forward to it.


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