The Last Ship Review: BreakFree


I had high expectations from last nights episode and “Two Sailors walk into a Bar” was quite the breakthrough! The story progressed, action happened and it was deliciously easy to watch.

Last week a shocking cliffhanger happened and Tom and Tex were captured by the Russians. Even though the only smart move at this point for the Nathan James crew would be to run run as fast as they could. But no! No, they decided to negotiate and make a plan to secure their Commander and get rid of the Russians.

Things got a bit more messier when Rachel discovered her vaccine was working! Yes it seemed like she saved humanity when one of the monkeys survived the treatment with the new vaccine. Rachel in the middle of her breakthrough decided she will give in to the Russians and exchange for Tom. The crew equipped her with a gun and a rescue mission closely to follow.

Meanwhile on the ship Tom was introduced to Quincy’s wife and daughter, making the hate towards the Russian Admiral grow bigger. After spending some funny moments with Tex in their cell, Rachel arrived. And the first thing she did upon seeing the two, she french kisses Tom. Right away it was to obvious and Tom gave in to easily Rachel was giving him something mouth by mouth. It was a small razor that helped Tom and Tex escape their cell. Previous to that Tex was quite pissed of that Tom and Rachel kissed. I really grow to like this wildcard, hoping he sticks around and we get some more stories involving him.

Now we come to the bit intriguing part. Rachel and the wacky Russian scientist prisoner met.  Sorenson, yes we finally got his name, explained how he and Rachel met at a conference and how he worked on the virus. Rachel realized he added the human gen to the virus making it even more deadly. While Rachel accused him for killing the majority of the world’s population, he said he only wanted to safe the world but didn’t realize he would be a carrier. Admiral Konstatin wasn’t that into small talk, instead he forced Rachel to give one of his officers the vaccine and cruelly exposed him to Sorenson and the deadly virus. Bad thing, after some time it seemed like the officer was showing symptoms aka the vaccine wasn’t working. After Konstantin figured out that Tom and his crew members were on his ship and started detonating it, he called for Rachel. But she defended herself with the gun she smuggled in. It was nice really well played by Rhona Mitra, as her hands were shaken really hard as she was trying to put the silencer on the gun but was to clumsey to do it. Eventually she shot without it and just knocked her opponent into her shoulder and later killed him.

At the other side of the ship Tom and Tex come together with members of their crew and went along to safe Rachel. Of course, Quincy’s wife and daughter had to be saved to, who other than Tom to do it. They saved Rachel as well. It was nice cat and mouse game as Konstantin didn’t want to use the radio or alarm system so he would catch them easier. But how did 5-10 American soldiers enter the ship without anybody noticing and put explosives all over the place. Yes that was quite silly. Except that little “plot hole”  this episode was really good.

Eventually our Heroes destroyed the Russian ship with only one casualty! Officer Cossetti faced dead as a bullet went through him during the face off. Everything seems okay on Nathan James, now we can even trust Quincy. The next episodes will focus again on the vaccine development and set up things for the season final in 2 weeks. ICYMI The Last Ship was renewed for an other season! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!


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