Pretty Little Liars Review: Shady fElla


This episode was so “Why are you smelling your door knob?” type of episode. Spencer’s on eliner from the start of the episode explains this episode so good. Why are you doing this? As said in earlier reviews if this were season 1 or 2 episodes the pace and dynamic would be okay. But we are in Season 5 and we didn’t moved an inch from the reveal Mona was part of Team “A”. “March of Crimes” was PLL’s ninth season 5 outing and besides some shady “A” moves we’re just waiting for stuff to happen.

Hanna: Finally Ashley interfered! Thanks to Alison’s break in move, Ashley started to really worry about the girls. Hanna felt bad and no girl should ever feel that way when someone is hitting on her. Although Zach’s actions were inspired by a little move made by “A”, she wasn’t the one to blame. It was nice to see Caleb step up for her and smack Zach in the face. If they would just be proactive and stop drinking.

Spencer: Was dealing with the mess around her and her friends. She tried to talk Caleb sane and realize that getting wasted isn’t the solution for anything. But she knocked on the wrong door. Caleb is still playing the a** and it really doesn’t work. But I loved Spencer’s word, Yes Caleb was the best thing that happened to Hanna.

Than other stuff happened. She went to the eye doctor and after getting a solution poor into her eyes she saw Double Jenna. She called up Em’s and they faced off with Jenna and Sydney. Jenna shut the argument up and left Emily and Spencer without answers.

Spencer later went on a trip to hide evidence Emiliy secured from Noel, but at the lake house Noel came to pick up his stuff. Noel took those picks and tape as insurence if Ally ever decided to turn her back on him. Noel tried to get agressive but Spencer knew how to protect herself and assured Noel that she will protect the evidence and him. I love when Brant stops by, Noel is a great player and even though there is a big secret Ally is using against him I believe he is an decent guy.

Emily: After the fake break in she found Noel listen to a fight between Ally and Shana. This put Emily onto Noel’s trail. She went so that after gaining the assistant coach job, she broke into Noel’s locker and took his car keys. In the car she found some pics of Ally while she was on the run!

On her way to the engagement party Sydney came to her to clear things up. But Sydney didn’t know she woke up the beast as Emily went into defense mode and promised to made Sydney’s life a living hell for trying to mess with her.

Aria: Meanwhile was handling a questioning from Tanner about Ezra and the doubt about Zach was eating her up. Eventually she confronted Ella with the possibility of Zach trying to cheat and Ella confessed that wasn’t the first time it happened. Ella broke off the engagement and the party was off. Aria than went up to Hanna and asked her to forgive her. And of course she did. The besties hugged out and things were seeming better for them.

At the end we got a beautiful scene between Ella and Byron. It was really lovely to see them share this moment. But this rose my suspicions in Ella’s connection to the “A” story. Could Ella be part of team “A”? There is no bigger wrath than the wrath of a scorn woman!!!

Alison: This week she was mostly on stand by till the final  3 minutes. She tried to justify her moves but the other girls were loosing faith. The thing is Alison doesn’t realize that that the girls changed and aren’t her puppets anymore. Eventually after spending some quality time with Ashley, detective Tanner called. A guy appeared and confessed he kidnapped  Ally and broke into her home. He knew the whole story Ally told the cops.

Team Mona was once more MIA! A complete disappointment ! I thought they would be proactive but no real move made by her.

Team “A”: Apparently “A” set this guy up, just to blow Alison’s cover. Shady fElla!

As every filler this episode had little purpose and was just another bland episode leading toward the mid season final in 3 weeks. Hopefully we’ll get a real “A” name in 3 weeks and things start to progress.


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