Teen Wolf Review: Contamined


Yep last night all of us little wolf fans were under viral influence. Last nights TW episode managed to pull me into the story like I was back when I started to watch the show.

First to make a remark on my last review, I didn’t mention that the Stilinski and McCall family were having money issues, so the 500000 dollars Scott obtained from Garett’s locker was quite in handy and putting our friends or better said Stilles into a dilemma. Should they give the serial killer maniac Peter his money back? Malia’s comeback from the forest interrupted that moment with news of the dead pack she and Derek found in last weeks episode. I surely didn’t think money and college would be an issue for our storyline but let’s see maybe the show will get slightly more realistic.

And even though the main story was happening at BH high school I must give all kudos to Holden and the portrayal of Lydia this week! Lydia was on a path of redemption, she was feeling very guilty after Meredith killed herself last week and she couldn’t prevent that. Lydia is this season so insightful, so beautiful in her pain and fear. I want more of her and more of her powers.

At the days of the PSAT’s a virus outbreak locks our main characters into the school. The big thing going into this is that Braeden and Satomi revealed to Derek and Deaton respectively that the Satomi’s pack was attacked by this virus and took out the whole pack. Malia and Scott started to transform in the middle of the school, and Kira had some neurogical issues. Eventually we got to the conclusion that an other Assassin was after them.

To prevent our pack from hurting someone they decided to hide in the Hale’s vault, which could only be accessed by a Hale wolf. So Scott and Stiles were almost there to tell Malia the truth about Peter being her dad, but Stiles couldn’t do it. He was to afraid of Peter’s bad influence and the way he could hurt Malia. We got some pretty neat and emotional moments between Stiles and Malia. Their codependency was really beautiful portrayed. I quite enjoy them as a couple.

Back to the story, after leaving Scott, Malia and Kira at the Vault Stiles realized that Coach was the only one adult infected so there had to been a way the disease transmitted to him. Between the Coaches papers he found some ink and realized all the students gave their finger prints before entering the PSAT’s. And the Assassin was revealed it’s The Chemist , played by James Urbaniak.

The Chemist tried to force Stiles to show him were the Scott and co were hiding but even when he treated Stiles with a gun he wouldn’t let him know the location of his friends. U just have to love Stiles. Eventually Stiles was rescues by Daddy McHall and gave Stiles the message of the antidote hidden in the Vault. Yes of course there was an antidote. It was some herbs Satomi consumating and gifted to to Derek’s mom often. So of course there were some of those herbs in the vault.

Stiles came just in time and told our guy that the cure was in the vault, with a little bit of alpha power Scott regained enough strength to reach the herbs and break the jaw and heal all of them. In the aftermath Malia stole the third list from Stiles and saw she was listed as Malia Hale. She left the Vault and a heartbroken Stiles behind.

MIA this weak was our favorite new wolf Liam! Surprisingly no one was trying to take him out as he had no protection this “Saturday afternoon”.

ICYMI There seems to be some history between Lydia’s Mom and the Coach as she knew he was a drunky 15 years ago. Nice connection! Could Lydia be Half Banshee Half Coach!?

This episode opened so many storyline that I can’t wait them all to go through. The time is ticking and according to some spoilers the Benefactor will be revealed in one of the next 2 episodes.


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