True Blood Review: Searching for a Miracle


On True Blood’s path to close out one hell of a show, they are more and more picking up stories from their more child approved version, The Vampire diaries. Cures, love triangles and peeps almost dying is so tVD and that it’s the bad part of tVD. “May be the Last Time” had it’s bright but also it’s boring moments but with us only a couple of eps before season final I hoped for some intense stuff.

My favorite story of the night was Violet playing around. I mean this psychotic bitch is playing Revenge in a way Emily Thorne would envy her. She abducting the Adelide and Wade was such a great move. But transport them to her sex cellar with an stunningly pervert amount of toys was just hilarious.

But Adelide and Wade were amazing! The true feelings growing between them were lovely. Confessing their first times was just beautiful. But their happiness quickly ended when Violet joined the game and Ade in pain made Jessica rush to them.

Surprisingly emotional was Andy and Holly’s search for heir child. Andy was to damaged after Holly’s abduction he couldn’t deal with losing Adelide.

One of the more beautiful and funny stories was Arlene and her Vamp boy Keith. The sexual tension was over the top and Carrie Preston was a hell of a MILF last night. Them having sex on pool table was HOT! But how disappointed was I when it was revealed to only be a dream. Later Arlene had a deep conversation with a struggling Sam. Sam didn’t know what to do leave with his wife or child or stay with his family. Arlene suddenly all insightful simplified the dilemma: Where will he be happy??? That question hit right back to her!

Keih felt her pain and made a real time appearance and they almost engaged in sex but Arlene is Hep V positive so hat is a no go. Keith wasn’t bordered by them not being able to penetrate he just wanted to dance with her. Beautiful.

Back in town was one of my favorite characters, Hoyt! He came back in the wake of his mothers death. Along with him there came Bridget, his tremendously beautiful gf. I always loved Hoyt cause of his sincere and simple soul. He such an optimist in search for happiness. Quickly Jason arrived at the Bellefleurs and awkward dynamic was all over the place. Him comforting Hoyt even though Hoyt had no clue who he was really nice, but tge horny wife ruined stuff. Wouldn’t be surprised if that was only a set up by Hoyt to test Jason.

The episode began with the most boring story part of last nights outing, Eric, Pam and their search for Sarah or Newme, how she calls herself these days. They tried to torture the hell out of Amber, Sarah’s sister, but she wasn’t going for it. She felt so blessed by her so she couldn’t betray her. The only possible resolution Eric daggered her.

Now the Japanese guys want to exploit Eric and Sarah, so they presude Eric to get cured and become the face of the new (cure) blood. Eric agreed but no one knows if he is true or just want to use the Japanese guys to get to Sarah.

We eventually flashed to Sarah who was trying to hide in Fellowship of the Sun house. There she had a hallucination of Jason who told her she would die that night driving her crazy. Along Jason, her ex hubby and dead Budist lover appeared. I was surprised how well Ryan Kwantell was playing the serious guy.

The last and most boring story was revolving around and his rapidly spreading Hep V infection. Sookie and Jessica were mourning and that even made the story more awful. Sookie eventually sought out a weird dwarf doctor who run away when she heard Sookie was related to Niall Brigant. Sookie bagged Niall to appear to her and he eventually did. Just to tell her he can’t help her and he knew She was infecting Bill. After traveling through time with Niall, Sookie realized she just wants to be by Bill’s side and they engaged into passionate sex.

Bill meanwhile suffered more flashbacks to his human life and the moment he met his wife, played by the wonderful Shanon Lucio.

ICYMI Lettie May and Lafayette followed Tara’s dream. And went to dig up stuff in the yard where Tara and Lettie May were living quite some time ago.

Looking now at it it was overall a solid episode! The tVD drama didn’t consumate so much space and we got some stories to slowly closing out.  My issue is writers creating more new stories instead of resolving the already existing stories! The final 3 episodes have to deal with a lot of drama.


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