The Last Ship Review: Conveniency of Beatrice

The Last Ship - Episode 1.09 - Trials (2)_595_slogo

“S.O.S.” featured some major reveals and some dramatic moments. The Last Ship is certainly raising it’s game and with only 3 episodes to go it will be a hell of a finish.

The episode starts with a flashback to 6 months ago in Oslo and a fight between 2 scientists. First of I didn’t recognize either till their started arguing over the virus. The guy from the Russian isolation was arguing with his mentor. He injected the virus or some version of it into himself what angered the mentor and he leaves. We flashforward to present time and see the guy in isolation, played by Ebon Moss Bacarach, and Admiral Konstatin talk about where the Nathan James could be now.

Back at the Nathan James while listenng frequencyes all around Mason, one of the crew’s members, noticeses that a girl named Beatrice is the only surviver of the virus on a ship which featured about 50 members and she is the only survivor. This leads our crew to believe she could be immune. And with Dr Scott having new issues in developing the vaccine, probably connected to the modulation made by Isolation guy. After Tom spoke to Beatrice he arranges a rescue crew to go and get, with him frontlining the mission. The bad thing the russian heard the conversation and went for Beatrice as well.

The mission becomes an armed face off with Tom and Tex boat getting hit and left them floating in the sea but Beatirice healthy brought back safely to the Nathan James. In a truly shocking move Tom decides to stop all contact to the Nathan James so the Russian’s couldn’t find them.

Of course the crew wouldn’t give up on Tom and Tex and tried to do locate them but with the Russians sending a drone to locate them they had to take care of that first. Even though their bomb saved Tom and Tex it showed vulnerability to the Russians and made Tom an even more valuable. With the story progressing and Tex not promoted series regular for S02 I started to fear for his life.

Meanwhile at the improvised lab at the Nathan James Beatrice is telling Rachel her truly sad story and I felt for her. With her sweet akcent and deaths following her I connected to her . And when the only question she had is why was she the only survivor, Rachel answered it she is Immune and is destined to safe the world, or not.

Meanwhile Mike was in a awful situation tring to find the best way to handle the situation he was put in. They sent out a rescue helicopter but found the wrong people , while the Russinas found Tom.

ICYMI Danny was also punished for having an affair with a crew mate. And he bonded with one of the guys who wanted to depart the ship in last weeks ep. Seems like they are suffering tough times.

ICYMI2 Nikolaj had dinner with that blond women and her daughter, I assume Quincy’s family. He is quite smitten by the woman.

An extremely intense episode ends with an OMG cliffhanger moment. I’m looking forward to this stories resolution and how Mike will step up to save his captain, will Tex survive this and will we ever find out the name of the guy in isolation.


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