The Last Ship Review: Dilemmas


Episode 6 of season 1 was all about dilemmas. “Lockdown” was set back on the ship and dealing with the events of last weeks episode and the upcoming tension on the ship.

I mean how can an episode be bad when it starts with Eric Dane taking a shower and later having a dinner with Mike and Jeter. And even though Mike and Jetter were against telling the entire crew what happened on Nicragwa, Captain Tom told the crew what happened. Tom was confident in Rachel’s action but with the first 6 monkeys dying things weren’t looking so prominent.

Tom intendent to keep the failed testing from his crew but with a mole aka Quincy on the ship things started to get messy. Quincy was working around Frank, the guy assigned to play chess with him and was pushing him towards a mutiny and his freedom. Keeping secrets from the crew would never work out but with being Captain you have to take charge and make the calls for the whole crew.

With Danny passing out cause of a fever unknown ethiology, things were heating up all over the ship. The fear of death is the strongest fear. It almost looking like a mutiny was coming up. After Tom decided to give in on his crew’s plea and take the whole ship on a precaution level. This heated up stuff even more and Kara entering the carantine just so she could be with Danny was nearly blowing up things.

Quickly stuff got resolved as the ship’s doc revealed it was “only” Denga fever. Tom took it all out on Kara, while Rachel was assuring Tom she was all honest with him and that she isn’t doing this for herself she is doing it for her country.

Even though the situation started to calm a bit down, Quincy was still putting oil on a fire and even got Frank and 15 others to ask to depart from the ship. All just a plan to set him free. Extraordinary move.

But once more Tom Chandler’s monologue rescued the situation and with the help of the radio frequences and the pleas of multiple people for help and shelter was a key ingredient to take back charge on the ship. Cause they all have to remember the mission isn’t about them it was about all the people around the world.

In the closing moments the 16 guys who intended to leave re-enlisted while giving once more an oath to their ship and nation.

After Tom handled Kara, he was setting things straight with Quincy as well alerting him that he knows that he was plotting behind his back.

And with everything back alright on the Nathan James, I have to say this was the best episode of The Last Ship to date. Great work on all sides. The season final is slowly approaching and things seem to getting better and better.


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