Teen Wolf Review: The Benefactor Names


“Orphaned” was an interesting episode, resolving some questions and giving a lot new ones to digest. As the season is coming to an end Teen Wolf is certainly raising it’s game and I really really like it.

The bromance/relationship forming between Liam and Scott is getting better by episode. After Violet was taken under arrest Garret abducted Liam and started to manipulate Scott in a mission to rescue Violet. Things got messy when Kate and her Berseaker friends got interested in Garret and Violet and crashed the car which was taking Violet to a federal institution hurting Dad McHall and the Sheriff.

Scott was rescued by Argent and Deaton and with the help with a Berseaker part in his body found the location of Violet, Kate and the Berseakers. A fight errupted and Scott and Argent were completely powerless. Quite awful. Once more the mighty Alpha Scott was easily overpowered. Eventually Kate stopped the fight when a Berseaker was about to kill her brother. Violet was found death in a other room.

But Scott eventually rescued Liam after he fought against his anger issues and growled from the bottom of his heart. Scott of course heard it from far far away and helped his little new Beta. These 2 are really lovely, I even started to like Liam over these last 2 episodes.

Malia was meanwhile having a completely seperate storyline. She was spending time with her cousin Derek. Yes Derek, he wanted to alert the pack around Brett, the kid attacked by Violet last week, that their are on the Benefactors deadpool list. Their interaction was quite interesting and brought quite the interesting flow to the show. They were trying to find the pack by scent but that wasn’t working. Than Malia suggested they should #ThinkLikeStiles and approach his like detectives and not like wolves. That lead them to heir hideout just to find them all being poisoned everyone besides Braeden.

While all this was going on Stiles and Lydia were searching for the 3rd key. To unlock the 3rd list. To do this they visited Meredith once more but this time she wasn’t able to help. The Benefactor forbid it so she couldn’t help or tell the his name. After pushing Meredith over the edge the 2 of them tried to figure out things of their own and than Stiles realized the name wasn’t someone who is already dead, it’s some one who is going to die. Lydia than tapped into her inner Banshee and tipped Derek’s name into the list- On the list Malia, Liam and Meredith  and others. Lydia quickly contacted Parish just to find out that Meredith hang herself.

The episode concluded with an interesting scene between Peter and Kate where he promised he would teach her how to control her transformations. Why and what’s his price was the obvious question but Peter was criptic of course and told his only goal was POWER!

MIA Kira! Kira had no purpose this week so she didn’t even appear, I really hope that will change next week.

NICE ONE! Great outing! The story is nicely progressing and thinks are getting are finally heading into an interesting direction. Looking forward to next week.


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