Pretty Little Liars Review: A Hunted, A Drunk, A Trainer, A Spy and A Policemen’s GF


“Scream for me” was this seasons 8 outing and so many drama happened it’s really unhealthy for the show.

Alison was this week Hunted. First of she had a close encounter with det Tanner who was huning the truth behind Alison’s lies. And just to things get more odd one of “A’s” minions marked all of the A notes in her song book and left and inspiring message. Alison arranged to crash couple of nights at Hanna’s were she was constricting her web of lies further and further. At this point I really can’t tell if she is playing us or if she’s truthful?

Later an intruder appeared at Hanna’s house creating more and more drama. It results it was a set up by Ally. She told Noah Kahn to break in so someone important like Hanna’s mom would make people believe in her story, yeah this is why I don’t believe a word Ally says.

Hanna was still drinking to much his week and this time it was putting her into a different mess. She apologized to Ali but she couldn’t stand the lies and fake adtitude she was dragging along herself. I understand Ali trying to protect herself, as A threatened her life but Hanna was always the one who wanted to come clean and spoke out the truth. So this move on her side was justified. So as she skipped dinner with Ally and her Mom so she could hang with Caleb, she went out to grab a drink just so Zach, Aria’s soon to be step father, passivly hit on her. She confessed to Em and Spencee but didn’t found approaval from her. Later Hanna once more encounted Zach who gave her his number to “hit him up”. And Hanna being Hanna couldn’t shut up about this and went to Aria and confessed. Yeah this will be bad.

I know they want to portray Hanna having a major downspiral but this simply isn’t working that way.

Aria was continuing her mission as our local spy. In Radley Aria connected to Big Rhonda after she gave her a rude bear and a bag of chips. From Rhonda Aria found out that Mrs DiLaurentis helped Bethany exit Radley and had a horse named Castor. This sent Spencer and Em’s on a mission. Meanwhile Aria was handeling her mother as well. Ella came back( yaaaaaay, as a devoted Charmed fan I was happy to see Holly Marie Combs back). Ella even asked Aria to be her Maid of Honor, Aria gladly accepted but failed at her first MoH duty cause of all the snooping in Radley. After preparing stuff for the engagement party, Hanna appeared at her home and confessed and Aria was a horrible person. Really not like Aria. She went all out on Hanna, practically calling her a drunk slut!

Emily was promoted to assitant coach at the high school and while she didn’t enjoy the announcment by Sydney she was even more shocked when Sydney slipped and made a mistake in her own plot. And how creepy can Sydney be? A lot with those eyes and lips. Otherwise this week Emily was taking a break from her love life and didn’t interact to much with Ally while Paige didn’t appear at all.

Later Emily and Spencer followed a clue to a horse stable where they encountered Declan. They asked him about Bethany and Mrs DiLaurentis, and Declan revealed that Jessica appeared a few times with Bethany at the stables till Mrs Di forced Bethany to call her Aunty Jess and Bethany throw a bucket at her. Awkward!!!! After snooping a bit more around, “A” locked them into a gate. And with a storm brewing outside a horse went gaga and almost hurt them. Besides that they discovered a helmet with M.H. inicials indicating that Melissa maybe spent some time at the same place.

Spencer seems to become a Policeman’s GF. Yes Toby enlisted to become a cop. He was sick of feeling useless! Amen! Finally one smart move. The fact that Spencer got hurt at the stables made him want this even more.

Team “A” wasn’t doing anyhing important, besides looking Spencer and Emily into deathly danger. Yeah the closing moments revealed that “A” knows something about a hiding spot in Ally’s living room.


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