True Blood Review: Ur Love is Poison


“Karma” finally started to move things around and shit went down. It was a really emotional outing but had enough action needed to keep it from being cheese and boring.

We take right off were last weeks episode ended and Eric kicking some Japanese buts. Even though he was very low on energy he kicked the guys around and it was quite enjoyable. The fun quickl ended when Pam was captured and used to calm down Eric. And to prove their cruelty the Japanese guys, chained the to chairs in a room with big windows and a countdown counting down hours, minutes and seconds before dawn. A couple of mnutes before dawn, the leader of the Japanese guys Mr Gus appeared and started negotiate with Eric and Pam. Eventually after some burn marks and cock comments they came to an agreement, to seek out Amber, Sarah Newlin’s sister, after the sun falls down again.

But Sarah was quicker and reached out to Amber earlier. After Amber took a sip of blood from Sarah she knocked out and woke up a couple of hours later. After Amber woke up the sister went at each others throats and how wouldn’t they. Sarah was so obnoxious and every word spoken out of Amber’s mouth was true. But all that wasn’t hurting Sarah as sge was sent to cure them all. Sarah took the antidote during the events of last season’s final and now can heal Hep v infected Vampires. I’m quite impressed bx Natalie Hall’s performance. She knocked the Amber role out of her shoes. Eventually night fall and Eric, am and Mr Guz saw a cured Amber. So how will this play out??? No freaking clue!

Meanwhile on the other side of the True Blood Universe, Bill was dealing with his deasses. The fact that he is HepV positive shocked all of us last week and the way thing went dowm last night were astonishing. Bill wanted to keep his buissnes right so he arranged a meeting with his attorney to make things right. In the process Jessica overheard his confession and was broken by the reveal. Jessica via Jason summons to her place.

Talking about Jason! He was surprised by his Psycho Vamp GF in some sexy underwear and delivered a major BJ on him just to once more prove he is only hers and other way around. But after he answered Jessica’s call violet went all Gaga on his room and wrote him a not she left him, but instead she was abducting Wade and Adelyn in her plot to get revenge on Jessica and Jason.

Now back to the Bill story, after Jessica broke the news to Jason and Sookie, things started to fit in as Sookie flashed back to the night Alcide died when she wounded herself and a HepV vamp blow up all over her. Afterwards Bill feed on her. She and Jason visited a clinic so Sookie can take the test again. After a heart to heart between siblings about being in love Sookie gets her results and yes she is Hep V positive.

At the lawyer’s office Bill was watching the Hep V rapidly spread through his body. After waiting for quite some time he faced the lawyer, Madeline(played by Kathleen York). After she busted every single attempt of him transfering his property to Jessica he easily killed her and her Vampire guards. Nice one Bill. The deases is rapidly spreading through Bill’s body is it connected to the fact that it’s mixed with Sookie’s blood or that he was a God just a season ago.

Back at Bill’s mansion Sookie confessed her sin to Jessica and they bursted into each others arms. Quite moving. Eventually Bill arrived at the mansion

Lafayette was meanwhile handling his crazy aunt Lettie May and things weren’t looking good. With Jamea support Lafayette and Lettie May cnsumed a bit of Vampire blood and tried to reach Tara and close that issues once and for all. At least it should’ve seemed so. Just like the previous time Lettie May went of to this other world but now Lafayette was with her. The both saw Tara on that cruise speaking in some jiberish language with a snake going all over her body. Later. She jumped of the cruise and started to run across the forest reaching her childhood home. At that house she was digging something up and just as they wanted to realize what Tara was trying to tell them the Pastor woke them out of their trans.

For the laughs in this episode there were Andy and his crazy nuts family. Andy heaed some weird noises from Adelyn’s room just to realize Holly’s som was making love to her. Yes Love! The 2 of them weren’t just shagging they are in love. Andy of course went nuts and chased Wade’s naked ass out of the house. Holly of course was supporting her son and all hell broke lose between the newly engaged couple. They were fighting so adorable and it was so entertaining to watch it. Eventually with Arelene’s help they came to an agreement and came to an agreement. But it was a bit late and the teens escaped and fell into Violet’s trap like earlier mentioned.

Sam had other issues as an elightened Nicole decided to skip town. She couldn’t handle the madness and decided to leave town the next day. It’s Sam’s decision if he will follow her. Got a feeling Nicole won’t survive this.

This was the strongest True Blood episode of the season and it seems like things will just go stronger as we go. It’s just 4 episodes and this we will have to say goodby to this amazing show and cast.


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