Pretty Little Liars Review: Frenemies


“The silence of E. Lamb” was the seventh PLL episode of the season and it was a typical Liar episode. It gave us some solid moments but the writers were still stalling to give us some real answers.

Alison: I think this is the first time snce her season 5 appearance that Alison’s part was overplayed. They wanted to portray her as this big big Liar but failed. Don’t know if this was their intention but it certainly didn’t work. Alison and the Liars were invited to a dinner at Em’s house and everyone but Alison and Hanna avoied it. The setup was quite odd, with Hanna in a bitchy mode and Emily getting a bit sick of Alison’s needeniss. At the end the scene were Alison wasn’t talking. But a bit later on that.

Aria: She started her Radley mission last night and things got quite interesting. At Radley she meat Ronda, Bethany Young’s ex roomate. It seems Eddie Lamb stole the painting frm her aftwr Bwthany gave Ronda a book full of paintings. Aria was on a clue hunt but it only got creepy as the story progressed. Eventually Aria found a paint book with different paintings possibly showing of Tobby’s mother falling from a building and Mrs. DiLaurentis in demon form. Once again some answers were hanging in the air but let’s see if they will reveal some real stuff or just lead us on.

Spencer: Was handeling Ezra this week. I mean Ian was happy for sure that he was in a scene without Aria. Spencer and Ezra had quite the nice chemistry and played off each others issues. Besides helping Ezra, Spencer dealth with Melissa who came back. Melissa seemed to be on neutral ground, but with Mel U never know. Eventually Spence tapped into the Hastings survalance system and saw Allison snooping around their back yard. She called and imidiate Liar meeting and with a little help of “A” Hanna was put on the chopping block.

Hanna: Things in Hanna’s world were all over the place. Main reason? Caleb of course! They were playing this silly off/on game and it’s getting even more pathetic. I mean okay Ravenswood changed things but Caleb isn’t this type of guy. Especially not towards Hanna. After Hanna got banished from the dinner, for not being supportive of Ally she sought refuge at the caffe just to bump into Sydney. After a sobering coffee with Sydney, Caleb appeared and Hanna convinced him that only he excists for her and they kissed. I hope there will be no bumps for them anymore. I mean Haleb is my favorite Pll couple so let them be.

ICYMI Hanna bit drunk mentioned NY & Shana to Sydney. Smart move blondie! Of course “A” heard about this, preping it’s blast for later that night.

Emily: Was having a hard time balancing between Ali and the other girls. She even said to Hanna, that Ally got pretty clingy. -_- U get what you deserve Em’s. I’m verfound of Emily but diching Paige after everything she has done! A no go! Eventually Em’s mom told Emily hat there are to many loop holes in Ally’s story and that the police is on to her.

Team Mona: Mona was looming around the town but still keeping the big guns hidden. Sydney meanwhile was a bit passive agressive in her approach with the girls. What’s her connection to the story? And what motive does she have to be part of team Mona?

Team “A” : Was playing it save this week! She texted the Liars moments before the episode putting Hanna ib the spotlight. In other news Ella Montgomery is coming back for her engagement party and “A” seems to planning a bombastic reveAl for the party.

If it was season 1 or 2 it would be fine episode setting up interesting storylines. But we are in season 5 and we need answers and no questions. With only 5 eps till the mid season finale things should get pretty interestng.


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