Teen Wolf Review: Kill me if U can


With the arrival of these Hunter Assassins Teen Wolf raised it’s game without me even expecting it! ” I.E.D. ” was a strong outing featuring interesting reveals, and some missed character interactions.

The episodes starts with Violet and Garrett taking down another name from the list. They are quite enjoying this hunting stuff and I hope we will get some back story on them and why they are going for the money. There must be something more than the money. At least I hope so.

Meanwhile Scott and Stiles were going through all the events with Sheriff Stiles, it was like a quick reminder to get us all back on the story. Further investigating Stiles realizes that the last girl was killed with a Lacross stick. Leading them into trying to set up a plan.

But the hunters weren’t their only problem, Liam was all over the place. I was surprised than he wanted to fit in with Scott and the others, but his anger issues were preventing him to fit it. But he was trying and it was nice. He even was part of the over all solution, as he recognized Garrett as the one who paid for the cage, which DeMarco delivered. So Scott, Stilles and Kira were all after him.

A more interesting part of the episode were Lydia and Malia. Holden is doing and amazing job in portraying Lydia, I just loved her facial expressions the way she is scared, just everything. She and Malia needed help in finding the other key words, so they would knew who else is on the Benefactor’s list. And who could help them better, than a fellow Banshee. Their only choice Meredith Walker(played by Maya Eshet). Yes the bit crazy one from the institution were Malia and Stiles were held. And with them not being able to visit her, Meredith walked 15 miles to them. At the Sheriff’s station, Lydia and Parish were talking to her and she gave them a number 4 digit number. The number revealed the next key word: Aiden. One more of the fallen Beacon Hills warriors.

Meanwhile at the game things weren’t looking so good. Scott and Kira couldn’t focus on the game as they had to watch over Liam and Garret, and with Liam’s ex team members going against them. We soon realize that none of our main characters was tonight a target. The target was Liam’s ex friend and lacross player, Brett. Scott find him right in time before Violet took of his head. She tried to safe herself and went after Scott but her fire necklace was useless against our Alpha. He easily knocked her out, telling Stiles it’s time to call for his dad.

ICYMI: A favorite Teen Wolf bromance was happening again, Derek and Argent were looking for clues to find Kate. All of a sudden Argent suspected Kate was alive, yeah yeah we all knew now. Derek even felt so close to Argent that he told him Kate is stripping away his powers and that he needs to have a one on one with her. But than our favorite spanish wolf hunters confronted Argent and tried to pull him back to their “dark” side, cause their oath: ” We hunt the ones that HUNT us!” This could get interesting.

ICYMI2: Mason and Liam shared a sweet moment, as Mason felt the hots for Brett, Liam’s nemesis.

Overall a really good episode of Teen Wolf, it has some dynamic changes, I grew to like the newbies a bit, Scott was put back on his Alpha level and Lydia was brilliant this week. Next week is titled “Orphaned”, sounds interesting! I’m certainly looking forward to it.


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