True Blood Review: Celebrating Life


After last weeks life saving episode, this weeks episode “Lost Cause” was all about celebrating life. And even though I wanted the show to deal with all the deaths happening, I really didn’t expect it to go down this way.

After Lafayette heard that Alcide died he went to be there for his girl Sookie, and even though it’s highly underrated their friendship is a big big deal. They understand each other on a different broken level and it’s just working on screen. Lafayette was great comfort to Sookie and after Jackson, Alcide’s dad arrived , with the help of Jason and Jackson’s girlfriend they prepared a party. To celebrate the life of the people the lost, cause that is what they would’ve want. Sookie was first of recultant  gave in cause she knew it would be what her dead friends wanted.

Personally I’m in all for celebrating the lives of the people we loved but not right away. It’s odd and doesn’t suit the pain you feel. But no matter that the party was a strange event featuring emotional moments . The speeches made by Jackson and Lettie May were quite emotional and glorified the characters that died. And cheers to that!!!!

Afterwards Andy finally forgive Jessica and let her be! I loved Jessica’s guilt performance over these last couple of episodes but it had to come to an end. This forgivness let Andy make a new move in his life and purpose to Holly. Sookie gave him her grandma’s ring, intended for Jason’s feature wife. With Jason’s blessing Andy took the ring and proposed in his unique and awkward to make it quite beautiful.

Meanwhile James and Lafayette went on sex ride, after Jessica pushed him away once more. Honestly I love their connection but they way it happened feels a bit rushed and forced but let’s enjoy it just the way it is. Jessica of course caught them in the act and took the moment to bond with Jason again. But Lafayette wouldn’t let it go down easily and went all up into Jessica’s face. He gave Red a peace of his fucking mind and I honestly don’t know where he found the audecity to do so. I mean he was caught with his junk in a taken man’s asshole, I get that he wants love and he most certainly deserves it but not this way. Sorry not this way. Red, as he calls Jessica, should’ve slit his throat for being such a cu*t.

Jessica and Jason than did the nasty things cause they bonded about how sweet they are with each other. Not the smartest move, but with only 5 eps to go the writers have to get our characters to the place their are meant ASAP.  Of course Violet finds them doing the nasty right about climaxing, but Vi isn’t in for the drama, she is in for the nasty revenge and knowing Violet it will be pretty Violent.

Sookie on the other hand started to open up to Arlene. Arlene knows what Sookie was going through, she lost her husband last season and it was nice how she calmed her down. Sookie than engaged in a lot of Tequila with Arlene. Keith than joined the party, the Vamp who saved Arlene with his blood last week, and sexed around her a bit. Drunken Sookie started to read peoples mind and finally felt accepted in her town. After talking to Bill she was in a good good place.

Eric and Pam were this weeks action story as their hunt for Sarah Newlin continued. With Willa’S help they found out she had a sister, Amber Mills(played by Star-Crossed’s Natalie Hall), in Dallas. After freeing Willa from her ties to him, Eric with Pam started their way to Dallas. Amber who is a Vamp, gladly helped them and reffered them to a Republican event which her parents will attend. At the party Sarah appeared and sought out her mom, but the Japanese guys came uninvited and killed the whole party. Eric and Pam wanted to escape, but Eric encountered Sarah and just seconds before he would’ve killed her the Japanese appeared and Eric got his revenge for killing his lover 30 years ago.

ICYMI Bill was living in flashback island this week, remembering the times before going into war. The good thing about these flashbacks was Shanon Lucio appearing as Bill’s dead wife, the bad thing their were completely boring. At the end it was revealed that Bill is infected with the Hep V virus as well. How much lost can Sookie handle more? Is her blood the key to salvation?

This week was a lot better, than the last few outings and with only 5 episodes to go till the show ends, there will be a lot of drama going down. Can’t wait!


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