The Last Ship Review: Stage Two


With last nights episode, “El Toro”, we passed the half mark of season one of The Last Ship. And finally we are getting somewhere! The action sequences delivered by The Last Ship were quite good but the emotions were a bit on the delay. For me personally an emotional connection to the characters is necessary and loving Commander Tom Chandler isn’t enough for me to love the show.

With dr Rachel creating a vaccine prototype, they needed someone to test them on. Of course testing them on Humans wasn’t an option so the best possible option to humans were Monkeys. That lead our crew to inspect Nikaragua, in 2 small group with almost all of our main characters they headed to inspect the island to find the proper monkeys. Upon reaching their wished destination Tom with Mike, Danny and others investigated the area, only to encounter a bunch of infected people who asked for their help. They left ASAP but had to depart from the other group. And while the other group headed to back to the Nathan James, the group around Tom didn’t backed down from finding the monkeys. The inspected a different part of the island and everything looked fine till Miller stepped into a trap and where surrounded by armed Spanish rebels.

They lead them to a virus free area and their leader, El Toro (played by Jose Zuniga). El Toro was a great addition to this episode and we should be grateful for it. El Toro wanted to play a game, to find out the upper goal of the crew. And after intense moments while dining monkeys with El Toro. The intelligence and the strategic moves made by the El Toro were just a great addition.

On the boat Rachel wasn’t happy with the moves made by the stuff left behind, so she started to bond with Tex. The charmer, who become part of the crew back in “Welcome to Gitmo”. Yes even though he is quite sleazy he is a really good guy and him interacting with Rachel made him quite more likeable.

After one more asshole move by the El Toro and his people, Mike and Danny couldn’t let it go and made a move against them but were quickly out numbered. That lead El Toro to make an other power move and let Tom and his crew go without any equipment only the monkey. After getting on their way Mike, Danny and Tom couldn’t let it go and forced his guys to turn their boat and go against El Toro.

In the best coordinated action sequence of the show till now, Tom and his crew succeeded in rescuing the village terrorized by El Toro and his man. Great work. This episode made me like Danny and Mike so much more. I mean seeing their compassion and bravery in this hour was just wonderful. Even Rachel became a lot softened up and become more likeable.

This was quite the eventful episode and I’m positively surprised with the direction in which the show is heading. The writing is getting better, the actors are giving more spirit to the characters and the cure is on the horizont. The show is already renewed for season 2 so no worries for next summers, there will be something to watch for me.


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