Pretty Little Liars: ScAred of the Shadow


“Run Ali Run” was finally a PLL episode I could really enjoy again. On the wings of the 100th episode, the 6th outing of season 5 was dramatic, with some tough confrontations and quite the emotional moments. Once again Sasha Pieterse surprised me with her performance but Hanna and Emily weren’t far behind.

Alison: After “A” warning ( Jenna’s house blowing up ), Alison wasn’t feeling comfortable at all. I understand her I mean “A” hunted her for 2 whole years and only the thought of “A” being death would calm her down and let her settle back in Rosewood. The video of “A” barring her Mom was so scary, I felt bad imagine what Ali had to feel. You could really see the fear on Aly’s face and her decision to run again was perfectly natural. I was just shocked how easily Hanna agreed to help her. But this time it was different she wanted to say bye to her dad and while Hanna was preparing. Of course Ali’s dad wasn’t home and she was an easy bite for “A”. “A” attacked Ali and almost strangled “A” to death playing around with her, just to scare her into staying in Rosewood. Cause now when all of her toys are in Rosewood, “A” doesn’t want to lose them.

Hanna: She had a lot issues this weak. I mean all the issues that are bothering her since Aly was back were still bothering her. She was insecure and afraid to make steps backwards, with Caleb looming around she was more torn than ever. All of these factors contributed towards Hanna’s decision to help Alison. After Emily discovered the plan she shut down Hanna hard and I think this was the first time someone put Hanna in her place. Emily called Hanna on all the changes she was making and the way she was behaving. Emily really crashed her. This moved Hanna one step closer to Caleb again, but so many away from Travis. In a complete sincere moment Travis told her that he wants her only if she is “ALL IN” cause her cares to much for her to do this differently.

Emily: Was looking for answers! The unimportant once, of course. Emily is completely under Ali’s spell and Ally hasn’t to do anything special about it. Okay playing the innocent scared girl seems to be doing it for Emily so she is wants to protect Ally in every possible way. Emily’s hero complex moved her even to speak to Paige, whom she is usually avoiding. Emily needed the names! The names of the people who aligned with Mona against Alison. After taking the guilt trip approach Paige had no other choice than to spill the bean. With the new information in her hands, Emily sought out Hanna and Ali just to realize Ali was about to runaway. So she saved Alison from “A” and gathered a Liar meeting.

Aria: Was dealing with the fact that “A” was back! And with “A” probably knowing her secret she was sliding into psycho mode. But happily Ezra was there to help her. He distracted her enough so she wouldn’t over think it to much. So they went on an different hunt, after Bethany Young! Who was she and what was she doing in Ally’s grave? Ezra realized that Bethany was a patient at Radley’s while Mrs DiLaurentis was on the board. A new lead errupted when a picture was left on their front door showing a monster trying to kill Mrs DiLaurentis, signed Bethany on the backside.  At the Liars meeting Aria was assigned to become the Radley mole.

Spencer: This weak Spencer handling her family issues trying to put a make her parents reconcile. Her moves were smart and it seemed like she was on a good way to make things happen. But her mother quickly killed her dreams of a happy family, when she told her even though they are moving back into their house, her dad was moving out. Boomer.

Team “A”: Was quite active tonight! And besides attacking Ally she seemingly revealed her gender as she attended Bethany Youngs funeral dressed as a female. Is it a miss lead like usually or a real fact? We’ll see, we’ll see. . .

MIA Team MONA. Yes no member of team Mona appeared in this episode but that will already change next weak.

ICMYI Roma Mafia appeared as detective Linda Tanner. She visited Radley and Ezra, starting to seemingly connect the dots between Ezra and Shana.

ICYMI2 Elly Lambs, the male nurse from Radley, seems to know much more than he was giving up when Spencer visited him. He was the one who left the picture at  Ezra’s front door. And with next weeks episode titled “The Silence of E. Lamb”, he will either die or spill some major clue for the rest of the season

The Liars are starting to raise their game and hopefully that will continue next week and throught the season. And some answers wouldn’t be bad either. Next week things seem to heat up again and some dark secrets and confrontations are lingering above our favorite Liars.


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