Teen Wolf Review: Rookies gone Wild


So a lot was going on last night on Teen Wolf and I loved every single bit of it.I would say  “The Benefactor” was most likely the best Teen Wolf episode of the season. It dealth with the aftermath of the previous episode and besides that we got intel on the big bad Wolf of the season.

Before telling anything about the real events of the episode, I have to give Kudos to the writers for all the Brilliant Stiles lines going on tonight.He was on his “A” game tonight and not only in the comedic way, he was a great boyfriend as well. Now let’s see what all happened last night.

Liam wasn’t into the whole let’s be wolf friends game and was avoiding our gang the whole time. With the full moon on the raise they tricked him to go into Lydia’s lake house were supposedly a party was happening. After some starting trouble, more trouble was approaching as Liam invited his friends to the “party” and they invited a bunch of other people. Kira and Scott took care of Liam, while Stiles had to deal with Malia who was to weak to face the full Moon.

And there we got some brilliant stuff from Stiles and Malia as they overcome the full Moon together. Stilles dig deep into Malia’s emotional issues about hurting her family and being afraid of hurting someone else aka Stilles. Eventually she overcame her fears and learned how to control her transformation. Team Stalia going strong!

On the other side of the Lake house Scoot and Kira were dealing with Liam. After knocking him out, Kira and Scott enjoyed a magical moment in the moon light. Their chemistry is over the top and I like how slowly the writers are playing it. Their slow dance in the Moon light was magical but interrupted by Liam going all out into his Werewolf form. A chase started and Scott was portrayed really weak this week. I mean come on he is an Alpha. Liam knocked him over with a chair, blindsided him even though his senses are strong, pathetic overall. But he had a friend coming to rescue him. Daddy Argent come back and with a flash light arrow chased Liam away rom Scott. Nice touch with Argent using a crossbow and arrow. At the end Scott and Liam connected. Liam shared his fear of being presented as a monster again(he had some anger issues and his family wasn’t that supportive), but Scoott convinced him he is not a monster, he is a Werewolf just like he. It will be interesting to see how Liam will integrate into the group, looking forward to it.

While all this stuff was happening, Lydia was on a mission of her own. In a creepy white room she isolated herself and finally found the key to the odd symbols she was writing all over her note book. It was Allison! After unlocking the files a list of supernatural beings was revealed and all of them were on it. Someone was hunting them down. The Benefactor was paying people to kill all those supernatural beings. We assume the Mouthless guy was one of his Assasins, but later on that. A suprising reveal happened as someone killed the beer delivery guy as he was struggling with the full moon and transforming. The assassins are 2 of the freshman students the couple Violet and Garrett, played by Samantha Logan and Mason Dye. Damn this new generations are advanced.

On the other side of the town, the Mouthless guy tried to kill Peter with his tomahawk. Of course we didn’t lost our favorite/hottest Wolf last night. Instead Derek and the Sheriff hunted the Mouthless guy down and faced him in the school. Derek easily overpowered him and just when they were about to arrest him Peter appeared and ripped the assassins heart out. Peter Hale style! Peter even delievered the line of the night after being told by Derek that they become better than just killing people:

I’m a creature of habit!

Yes you are Peter yes you are. I just love Ian’s portrayal of Peter so edgy so intense we need more of him.

As earlier said this was the best Teen Wolf episode of the season but I still believe the writers can top this and I look forward to next week. Cause with all our guys on the wanted list interactions will go crazy and the reveal of the Benefactor can’t come soon enough!


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