True Blood Review: The adventures of Sookie Gilbert


If you don’t watch The Vampire Diaries my review title will be a complete non sense for you, but the supporters of other Vampire shows know exactly what I mean. “Death is not the End” could be a typical Vampire Diaries episode, with Sookie overcompensating the deaths she caused with putting her life in danger while trying to safe her friends, so Elena Gilbert of her. So let’s dig into last nights episode of True Blood bite by bite.

The episode starts with Sookie and Jason calling Alcide’s dad, Jackson, and Hoyt and break them the awful news from last week. It was really nice to see Hoyt again, the show really suffered a big loss with him leaving and it was quite emotional to see mourn his Moma. Jackson’s reaction was quite honest and painful as well. Even more painful was Sookie’s face when Jackson once more told her how much Alcide loved her.

Sookie then sought out Holly and used her as*-kicking Fairy powers and brought back the painful memories to Holly. Extraordinary performance by Lauren Bowles. Finally our gang found out that Arlene and Nicole are at Fangtasia. So Sookie went to find Bill and make a plan to free her friends. At Bill’s home Jessica had a meltdown after James and Bill confronted her about not feeding on blood. Of course Sookie came into town on her high horse and swept the floor with Jessica forcing her to feed.

So James called up Lafayette and he gave Jessica some piece of his mind. It’s a shame Lafayette was more or less forgotten after the witch storyline, he has so much to offer, just as proven last night here. Eventually Jessica agreed and feed on Lafayette

While this all happened in present time we were treated with some extraordinary flashbacks of Pam and Eric getting Fangtasia to work. Back in 1986 Eric was named Sheriff and given a video store to work in. Honestly Pam was freaking hilarious, on her best as always. We even saw Ginger getting a job with them. Ginger was even the one that suggested to turn the video store into a Night Bar, but Pam compelled it out of her and presented it as her own idea. 

As the timeline finally caught and Eric and Pam arrived in Bon Temps. There in an emotional moment we found out what Eric was up to after burning naked in the son in the last season final.  After Willa busted the meeting the gang went to save the crew at Fangtasia.

The rescue mission finally reached Fangtasia and Sam checked on the girl in rat form(and completely freaked Arlene out). During his back and forth travel Arlene was taken by the Vamps to be feed, so they freed Nicole and the other one, and made a plan to safe Arlene. Eric and Sookie had again one of their moments and entered Fangtasia on a suicide mission. Things quickly went crazy and blood and bodies were flying all over the small screen. The arrival of the crazy human fraction made things only worse. Arlene got shot in the cross fire but was saved in the last second by a smoking hot new vampire, Keith (played by Riley Smith).

And just like in The Vampire Diaries all our major characters survived the not survivable! Typical! Overall it was a solid episode and I look forward to see how the love triangle will resolve!


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