The Last Ship Review: A future worth fighting for


Is it? Is there a future worth fighting for? That was the main thought going around my head as I watched the last nights episode of The Last Ship! Episode 4, titled “We’ll get there, was a less dramatic episode than last weeks but was much more character and story driven.

Last night featured 2 story lines, one about the Quincy and the other was going about the ship, which suffered some damage after escaping through the narrow bight last week.  Rachel needed Quincy’s help. Yes he had to read the sequence Rachel prepared but Quincy wasn’t in a helpful mode after being held captive on the ship. Rachel sought Quincy out and asked him for help but that turned into a big fight with both of them throwing some big words at each other. And while Rachel called Quincy a Coward, he labeled her as a scientist with a God complex wanting her 5 minutes to shine. Of course they didn’t came to an agreement so Tom played once again a brilliant move and sent Mike in to deal with Quincy.

Mike is such an interesting character and so well played. He was much more gentle and calm and knew the exact things to say to make Quincy play along. Quincy went straight to work and quickly did his job, allowing Rachel to make a prototype of the Vaccine. But her come the other storyline into play.

There were some huge issues with the engines forcing the ship to be unable to move only 1 hour and let the cool down 5 afterwards. But besides that the water filters didn’t work and the labs cooling system failed awfully. So the virus, primordial cord and the vaccine prototype were in danger to be destroyed by overheating. But they somehow coped with even that by using the deep part of the ocean to cool the cure stuff.

And don’t think the show forgot that Eric Dane is the lead character, Tom Chandler proved once more some great leadership especially after an really inspiring speech by CMC Jeter. The show proves to have some amazing writers at some moments. And after activating some parachutes the engine could start again but that wasn’t enough cause water was running out and the crew started to get sick. After 2 days without water the situation seemed quite desperate, but as we still have 6 episodes to go till the season ends our crew found salvation. In the form of a small Island the crew finally got some relaxation.

Overall a to slow episode for my taste. Yes it was fine to watch the crew deal with some other stuff the enemies attacking them but if you go there the emotional back up should be a lot stronger and more meaningful. Either way looking forward to next week and hopefully a bit more action and a bit more emotion.


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