The Last Ship Review: Playing Chess


I know I’m a lot late with this review but really hadn’t time to work through episode 3 aka “Dead Reckoning”. I must say it was my lost for just catching up with the episode, cause an episode with Eric Dane going all Commando and play some war chess is an episode worth watching.

So episode 2 ended with quite the cliffhanger with the evil Russian catching up with our last hope to save the world and want the vaccine for themselves or at least the material and the doctor able to create the vaccine. Tom knew a full face of wouldn’t pay of and arranged a meeting with the Russian’s. It was an intense meeting with a brilliant performance by Ravil Isyanov as the Evil Russian Admiral Ruskov (pictured below). He asked for the doctor and the primordial virus, but they didn’t found common ground and after some word slapping they went back to their respective ships.


The crew of Nathan James tried to secure an exit but were stopped by the Russian ending things with a lethal ending to 2 of Tom’s crew members. Tom couldn’t hold back and made a strong move against the Russians but showed much more humanity, which was probably a mistake. But the really drama was just coming as Quincy’s real identity was revealed.

Quincy wasn’t a spy, he was just a man with something to lose. His family is taken hostage by the Russians and he was giving them information so they would spare their lives. But he was cornered as Tom wouldn’t cave in so he got the order to abduct Rachel and the virus samples and transport them with a secret ship over to the Russian’s boat. But after an emotional confrontation with Rachel he decided to confess all. Glad for him not having to dies.

With the new gathered information a new plan was made. Kara and Danny were chosen to play Rachel and Quincy as diversion so The Ship escape on the other side. But for this to work they had to disappear from Russians radar by turning of their own devices and pilot through a bit to tiny bight.

The plan was full of flaws that it had simply to work, we got some dramatic scenes on one side with Kara and Danny and because of that the ship couldn’t blow their way through the bight. It seemed like everything would fall apart cause of Danny’s instability and worry about Kara but they both pulled through and were successful in their mission. Back on the ship Danny confessed his love to Kara and told her to stay the hell away. I mean Travis van Winkle looks tremendous but this act I’m really not buying from him on the other hand Kara looks much more infatuated.

With everything alright on the ship, we were thrown back to the Russian ship and met the key Ruskov mentioned earlier at the meeting with Tom. Not sure who that mysterious quarantined person is and what kind of experiments is he conducting and why he needs Rachel but if this means Ruskov will back I’m glad he exists.

Once again The Last Ship delivered a solid outing and some interesting story lines lingering in the air the Tom/Mike rivalry, Kara and Danny and Ruskov and his surprising captivate. So with this all happening I’ll keep up with the show a lot quicker.



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