Teen Wolf Review: Enter Beacon Hill


Yes we entered Beacon Hill’s drama department once more. “Muted” was a really good episode featuring a lot of drama and teenage drama. Was the quirkiness a bit to much maybe, but it played out really well.

First off we met the Mouthless dude (pictured above) right away and how creepy is that guy. He slaughtered newbie Sean’s family with him barely escaping  the crime scene. After Sean entered the hospital an investigation was conducted and officer Parrish was quite interested into that matter. As he was checking out the crime scene who’d he met? Local death radar, Banshee Lydia. The 2 of them have a solid chemistry and I liked how they played of each other. Along the way Lydia found a secret passage. Finding a cold storage full of dead bodies.

Meanwhile Scott and Stilles felt threatened with the appearance of Lacross star, Liam who was kicking their ass on court. It was really entertaining to see them sweet through and make plans to sabotage Liam. Stilles and his cute ways were all over the place and you have to love it. Eventually Scott used a bit of his wolf powers and easily took down Liam and sent him to the hospital. But I’ll come back to that later.

Scott and Kira had some issues with her parents wanting to move away and him not really DTR-ing. At last Scott stepped up to his feelings and they engaged in a passionate kiss. Me likey. But how will this resolve, no clue! I really wish them to be happy.  On the other side of coupleville Stilles and Malia were bonding over her math issues. Their chemistry is so honest so loveable I really like them together. ^_^

So now back to the important moments aka Hospital drama with the newbies. It seems like Sean isn’t the good guy he is a Wendigo(Scary teeth) and his whole family was before the Mouthless dude slaughtered them.  Sean attacked an officer in the hospital feeding on his inner parts. After Mom McHall (yay she is back) saw that he attacked her but Scott came and saved his mother once more. Sean succeeded in escaping from the fight and abducted Liam along the way. On the rooftop a new fight errupt, Sean pushed Liam from the roof but Scott was trying to save him. When the situation seemed desperate, Scott out of pure guilt bit Liam so he wouldn’t die after falling into oblivion. But things changed quickly when the Benefactor, seemingly the good guy, killed Sean and saved both Scott and Liam! Fading out black.

ICYMI Derek and Peter were paying Braeden  to find where Kate and their money is.  Yep the 117 milion bucks. Peter paining over his money was hilarious. We need more of Peter (‘s hotness) in Season 4. Derek and Braeden played a bit around heating up the temperature of my Tv. Looking forward for them sharing more scenes.

MIA Danny! We had a Lacross ep and no DANNY???? I’m pissed!

So with 3 episodes in Season 4 nothing is like we thought it would be and that is great. Currently a really unpredictable season. So many open directions, relationship and awful creatures. What will Liam become? And will he be part of the crew or go rouge?


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