Pretty Little Liars Review: Finding the A game


“Miss me X 100” was a long anticipated episode of Pretty Little Liars and last night it finally aired. The 100th PLL episode left a bitter sweet taste in my mouth so let’s break down the story liar by liar!

Allison: Tonight was all about Ally and her comeback to the Rosewood high school! And just as said in last weeks review I’m stunned by how well Sasha is playing Allison. Her act is so well played and I enjoy every single minute of it. She had tough moments along the episode but tried to make amends towards some weird twins and Paige. After confessing to Emily she had real feeling back in time she has a fierce face of with Mona. Probably best scene of the season. But the only thing we can get out of this is that Ally really has changed she has trust issues but she has changed. Her patterns maybe not but “A” put some fear into her tiny bones.

Hanna: My currently 2nd favorite liar had issues on her own. Even though I didn’t liked her shop lifting comeback last week, I love her current insecurity. Hanna has a strong good heart so she couldn’t leave Ally even though she was in a bad place.

But that was the easy thing going on in her life, as she bumped into her ex boyfriend Caleb in the local coffee shop. The shock of meeting him and him being a stranger towards her let her go loose and drunk at  Lucas’s meet my gf party! Yeah! Awkward!

Aria: Along the other Liars Aria followed old patterns and persuade Ezra again. It was obvious they would get back together but I thought she would at least give her some hard time. Their platonic relationship eventually moved to a sexual thing after Aria had some moments with Jenna! Yes U heard right Jenna is back. She came back to mourn her ex lover Shana. It was really hard seeing Jenna cry her eyes out alone in her bedroom. Jenna eventually sought out Aria and had a heart to heart with her.

Back to the sexy time with Ezra, after some cake and scar viewing clothes started falling off. They are hot but really but it felt rushed. It will be interesting to see things move forward will they play it smooth or will there be trouble in paradise.

Spencer: Her mom came back and all hell broke loose. Even Veronica started to think Peter and Melissa killed Ally’s Mom, so she and Spencer moved out from house Hastings. A pretty radical move, but it was nice to see mother and daughter bond.

Emily: Ouuh foolish girl! I’m honestly glad your heart got a bit broken tonight. She was stupid to let Paige go. Now she is tangling in Ally’s web again not knowing what to feel or do.

Team Mona: Got some exclusive new members in the form of Jenna and Sydney. Before this was revealed, Mona messed with the video she recorded during her face of with Allison portraying her as the Ultimative bitch. Nice move Mona, not only si the school against you, your friends stopped trusting you as well or at least doubt her.

The shows final scene featured all our Liars and their beaus and the reveal of the burried girl. It was a 17 year old Radley patient. Following the reveal an explosion happened busting our crews windows. Toby’s house exploded  and Jenna seems to be in it.

What did this episode gave us? Nothing special! What did we deserve a lot! Didn’t we! Nothing was a really revealed and no real progress was made. But let’s see it’s a good starting point for the rest of the season.


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