True Blood Review: Where the Wolf dies


“Fire in the Hole” was quite te intresting episode. Some deaths happened some where devastating, some delighting and finally we digged into some good stories.

Let’s start with the devastating part. ALCIDE DIED! Yes sadly they pushed him over the edge. I mean from my POV a really bad decision, cause no matter how underdevelopt his character is, when he appears on screen he is damn captivating. But before he passed away he delivered some hot shirtless scenes running around searching for Sookie, who was plotting with Bill to get captured.

Yes Sookie went there again. She made a plan of capturing a Hep V Vamp in the  wood and so find Arlene, Holly and Nicole. Evetually the plan was succesfull but with many casualties and a heartbreaking speech by Sookie. She confessed to Bill that she feels how much more Alcide loves her and that she feels bad for not giving him the love and life he deserves.

How did he died?! A gun took him out. One of the Bon Temps rebels killed Alicide. After taking the guns from the police station they were blocking the road in the woods and tried to keep their town safe. But that wasn’t going so well, especially after Jessica was shut by Maxine and Jason’s pyscho gf took her heart out. Quite discusting. So the scared Rebels starting run around the forest like maniacs. When the Hep V vamps attacked Sookie, Bill was uperhanded by 2 Vamps but saved by Alcide and Sam than Jason,Andy, Jessica and Violet   joined and saved the situation. Suddenly 2 gun shots were fired out of he bushes killing Alcide on the spot. Jessica even offerred to turn Alcide but Sookie wouldn’t let her. I really hope Sookie starts to griev! Tara is dead now Alcide is dead and she barely reacted. Come on girl U have it in you.

Only good thing coming out of this is Holly is safe now, as the Hep Vamps took her along so they wouldn’t starve while hunting humans.

Meanwhile in France Pam and Eric explained us the importance of Being Sylphie! After finally finding Eric on a wine farm in France, Pam confronted Eric. Suddenly we were threated some great flashbacks, including Pam, Eric, Nan Flanagan and Sylphie. Pam and Eric were going against the production of True Blood and had to pay the price for it. Eric who was madly in love with Sylphie had to choose between Sylphie and Pam’s life. Of course he choose Pam but the poant of the story is that Eric came back to Sylphie’s house so he could die. Eric is such an romantic soul and his scenes with Pam are always the best. ALWAYS THE BEST!!!!

Et the end Pam woke up Eric’s revenge spirit after confessing that Jason let Sarah Newlin survive. So he finally started to do something. Sarah meanwhile was screwing some Guru somewhere hidden. When he lovely Japanese people, wh killed Sylphie appeared in and killed the Guru for not telling where Sarah was hiding. A bad day to be Sarah Newlin.

ICYMI Lafayette and James were spending some quality high moments together. Quite the lovely chemistry going on there. Nathan Parson is rocking the role he got cast to replace. Thumbs up.

Finally some deepth and emotion were bursting around Bom Temps, and I like it.Next week should conclude the hostage situation in Phantasia and maybe even reveal what the heck is wrong with Arlene, that story was completely forgotten last night.


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