What went wrong: OUAT in Wonderland


May 2013 ABC upfronts, the trailer for OUAT Wonderland realesed and I fall in love. I mean the story was presented so great and so enthusiastic. This epic love going against all odds just had me crying for more. And the fact that it got the trickcy Thursday 8pm slot from ABC made me think this will be a bombastic show.

But as many times before something just goes wrong and the show doesn’t get the raitings it deserves. From my POV it wasn’t the writing, neither the actors performance but there were some irregularities that didn’t contribute to the overall image of the show and couldn’t pull of the success of the mother show.

1. To Far Away from the fairytale story
-Don’t get me wrong I adored kick ass Alice but I missed the way she became that way. The story people fall in love with is that little naive girl exploring this wonderful world but we didn’t get that here. We got a full grown killer princess Alice, who knew a white Rabbit and had earlier been to Wonderland.
2.No Mad Hatter
-Yes no Mad Hatter. Can any of U believe into a story about were the Mad Hatter wasn’t a big deal. Neither do I. I of course understand that there have been scheduling issues but that we didn’t have the Mad Hatter even appear for an episode is really horrible. Maybe Sebastian Stan who played the MH in OUAT season 1 & 2 didn’t like the overall story but not even mention him is an awful thing to do.
3.Time Slot
-Putting a Rookie show into the 8pm Thursday time slot is by itself a death sentence. But adding to that it had to face a supernatural fan service show named Vampire Diaries didn’t help, neither did the fact that it had to face the most watches show on the small screen TBBT.

4. Jafar
-Naveen Andrews performance of Jafar was quite good especially the scenes he shared with his on screen dad. But there is always a but! It was to soon to introduce him. It felt forced just to have an other fairytale character there just for the sake of it. We didn’t had time to get to know the other “real” Wonderland characters and already we had a big powerful Villain with a huge non Wonderland story to tell. And besides that he was seriously overpowered.

5. No connection to the mother ship
-Even though there were some moments where the show had original moments with Ana and Will being from the Sherwood forest it didn’t had the captivity to draw the Once fan base into their time schedule. And not knowing when the show fits into the Once Upon a Time timeline, not even a hunch.

6. To much Forest and almost no Wonders
-I mean seriously like they weren’t trying at all. There was some excellent animation in the begging but quickly the budget was cut and trimmed the shows conncetion to a Wonderland.

7. The Cyrus actor
-So damn bland. Honestly so damn bland,really couldn’t comnect to the character. His mother and brother had an impact on me but he not even close.

That is my PoV on the mistakes made to a solid show that didn’t had to end this way. A cast brilliant enough you would trust them at least 5 season. But who enjoyed Michael Socho’s portrayal of Will Scarlet/The Knave of Heart should look forward to OUAT season 4 as he will be a series regular from this fall.


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