Pretty Little Liars Review: Somebody is watching As


“Thrown from the Ride” episode 4 season 5 and moving slowly! That was my initial thought but things started to blow up in peoples faces and I quite like it. Allison’s scenes are fresh and delighting and currently the thing I look most forward to. So in that honor I will start breaking the episode from Ali.

Allison: I’m so impressed by Sasha’s performance that I can’t believe that we had to wait almost 100 episode for her brilliance. Ali felt lonely, Ali felt hurt, and we all could feel with her. It’s truly impressive how she was holding on! Ali was isolated from the girls, neither could reach out to her cause of their own messy messy lives. Hanna was the only one there to give her some support. The physical hearbreaking! It was so messy and her lies catching up caused us all to fear the truth with Ali. Tough times for Alison and how much it hurts me to see it happen, I love it development wise. I knew she had secret and that her comeback would be tough but this is some brilliant stuff.

At the end of the episode it seems like Ali found some strength to stand up and fight let’s see how that will resolve.

Emily: Had a lot of issues this week dealing with stuff, avoiding Paige and trying to train Stacey. But she neededvit, just so she wouldn’t break down.

I still can’t believe how loveable Chloe Bridges seems in her Pll appearance, I’m used to snarky bitchy Donna but Stacey is a delight! But she must be a psycho!??? I mean Emily likes her that’s a sign.

On the other side Emily was working hard with Stacey to improve her results and they were pushing forward. The 3 way lunch was a bit awkward but I became a Paige fan so don’t make this hard on me. Either let them be happily ever after or break them off. After a quick confrontation with Mona, Paige steps up and tells Emily about “factions” gathering to go after Alison. Got a feeling Paige could die by midseason, but really die not PLL way.

Spencer: A big reveal happened for Spencer this night. She found out that Jessica Di Laurentis was about to set her up for killing Ali a couple of years ago and later for killing that girl in Ali’s grave. And with Spencer finding some sort of rodent poison in her garage the circle around her father is tightening. But remember this is Rosewood, nothing is like it seems. Eventually she faced Ali and some conclusion came out of it and a sweet bonding moment between them. But all that was shattered when she found the drug that killed Ali in her kitchen, prescribed on Peter Hastings.

Aria: She was still processing the fact she killed Shana. And somehow Shana’s funeral was online and she couldn’t stop re-watching it. It was creepy. I thought this would be a nice story for her to evolve but I’m not digging the direction they are taking. Don’t think her running to Ezra every time there are issues isn’t what she/we need(s).

Hanna: Sweet, beautiful Hanna. Loved her style change it looks brilliant on her. Besides that she was a good friend to Ali last night, but the thing is I don’t get why bring back the shop lifting. I know the pressure on her is tough but she is was passed this. She knows so much better.

Team Mona: The team Mona was forming showed the first signs of weakness but Mona wouldn’t let anyone go rouge. While her other people were stalking the girls, Lucas and Paige weren’t sure in their allegiance. So Paige had an interesting with mastermind Mona finishing it strong with the line of the night:

Do you ever wonder when you became the only thing You are afraid of`?

Lucas on the other hand played it nice and tried to reconnect with Hanna but Mona’s seed of mistrust seems to be the stronger force.

Overall a solid episode, I can’t neg but something was missing. I don’t know is it the feeling of pushing the Mona story while the “A” story isn’t resolved but I hope this won’t get messier as it is by now.

Next week the 100th episode will air and it’s supposed to be epic! Let’s see if any real questions will be answered and if any really meaningful and interesting questions will be raised.


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