Teen Wolf Review: Hey Handsome!


“117” was an interesting episode and the puzzle of Season 4 is starting to unveil! I felt like the story was much more coherent and things were starting to make sense! And just the the creators pulled of an upset and gave us plenty questions to think about.

After that short trip to Mexico last week, the crew came back to Beacon Hills with young Derek blacked out. Things started to get complicated when he woke up not remembering anything and didn’t trust anyone around him. He escaped the Vet’s office and run to his house! It was really sad to watch young Derek freak out over the fact that his house burned down to the grounds. Eventually the police got him and took him to the station. This lead to the episodes most funny episode featuring Papa Stiles, Stiles and Scott. Papa Scott was wondering if the guys were time traveling and explaining that would be the tiping point and he would go straight to the lunny. Stiles replica on the time traveling question wasn’t calming at all but it served the purpose. Finally Stilles  took young Derek to Scott’s home while Scott and Malia were talking to Peter to find out what intentions Kate had.

Talking about Kate she was at a gas station changing and tearing workers apart. The funny thing is how our crew found the body. Lydia and Kira were spending some quality time together and stopped at the gas station but the tank was full. But Lydia’s supernatural gift lead her to the station and here and Kira were terrified by what they saw. But the murder was the key to unravel Kate’s story. She can’t control her transformation.

So Kate seduced young Derek from the McCall’s home, how easily! The 2 of them were a thing back in the days, and they were so close that he told her about his transformation practice with Peter back in the day. The pieces quickly started to fall into place and the whole crew was heading towards the Halle’s family wallet, under the teens high school. 

Upon arriving Peter, Scott and Malia encounter Berserkers, the creatures that were hovering around our guys in the desert last week. According to Peter they are unbeatable and they proved to be really strong as neither Scott, Malia or Kira had the slightest chance to defeat them. The only one with a fighting chance was young Derek who after the clash between Peter and Kate in the wallet was so in rage that he aged back to his normal self but he wasn’t a Beta anymore his eyes glow yellow.

Meanwhile in the wallet Peter attended to fight Kate but were flashed by some grenades and a mysterious person appeared and stole 117 million dollars from the family safe!

Character of the Day: Malia. How can you doesn’t like this wild girl? Her scenes in the school with the markers in her mouth having no clue what is happening to her! And her meeting Daddy for the first time was quite funny and laughable. The question is does Peter know Malia is his daughter? Everyone besides her and maybe Peter knows!

So with whom is Kate working together? She isn’t strong enough to command the Berserkers, so she must be part of the bigger Villan plot.  I can’t wait to find out!



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